RegionPlus 1.0.1

Visitor system and adding more features for Residence.

  1. momoservertw
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:

    1. Visitor system.
    Prevent general players build or kill entities outside the border. It is useful to limit the world border and not to affect older players.

    2. Fixed bugs for Residence.
    • Return the difference money between IgnoreY "false" to "true" if you has changed it.
    • Potion-Damage (Flag: animalkilling=false, mobkilling=false; PvPManager: PVP=false)
    • Painting-Destroy (Flag: destroy=false or build=false)
    • Item-Frame-Destroy (Flag: destroy=false or build=falseor build=false)
    • Armor-Stand-Destroy (Flag: destroy=false or build=false)
    • Zombie-Door-Destruction (Flag: destroy=false or build=false)
    • Enderman-Pickup-Block (Flag: destroy=falseor build=false)
    3. Block-Size limit system for Residence.
    Using the blocks size to limit players' residence size just like GriefPrevention.

    4. Flags-Editor for Residence.
    Changing all old residence flags to new one.

    5. Message-Editor for Residence.
    Resetting all old residences' enter / leave messages to default.
    It will be cool to show title bar when players enter residences.
    And then you will need this feature to change old messages.
    # You should backup your residence data before using "Flag-Editor & Message-Editor".
    Editing data has certain risks, and the author is not responsible for any loss of data.

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    To do
    1. Improve plugin performance‚≠ź
    2. Use asynchronous methods to access offline player permissions.