RegionRaid 1.1.0

Control raids with a simple WorldGuard region flag

  1. OffLuffy
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    • 1.14
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    Requires WorldGuard and a recent 1.14.4 build!

    Tested with WorldGuard 7.0.1 -- This may work with older versions, but it has not been tested.

    A recent 1.14.4 build is required as RaidEvents are considerably new (added in mid August of 2019). If your server does not have Raid events, the plugin will print a message to console and disable itself.

    What does RegionRaid do?
    RegionRaid is a very light-weight plugin that simply adds a region flag called raid-enabled and prevents raids from starting, or from additional waves of raiders from spawning (if the flag is set during a raid).

    The plugin will always check the center of the village the raid was started in. When a raid or raid wave is suppressed, it will print the coordinates of this position to the console to allow you to refine your regions.

    In v1.1.0, /rrtest command has been added which will check if raids are suppressed at the player's current position. This command requires the regionraid.test permission. Since the plugin will otherwise check a village center, the output of this test may not be accurate unless you're standing at the same position as the village center.

    RegionRaid includes a RaidSuppressedEvent, which is Cancellable. If you cancel the event, the plugin will not suppress the raid event even if the flag is set. The event simply extends RaidEvent and includes a SuppressType enum that will be either 'TRIGGER' or 'WAVE' indicating whether it will suppress RaidTriggerEvent or RaidSpawnWaveEvent.

    There's also static access to the RegionRaid#raidEnabled() overloaded method. Using it will allow you to check if the WorldGuard flag is set at an arbitrary Location, or you can pass in a Raid instance and it will use Raid#getLocation() to check the flag.

    Having trouble? Let me know in the discussion!
    Please don't use reviews to report issues; it makes it difficult to ask for details. When reporting, please help me out by:
    • Including any error messages in chat or console (this includes startup errors, as they may not be noticed until later)
    • Including your Bukkit/Spigot/Paper version and RegionRaid version
    • Pasting large blocks of text to hastebin or put it in a code block. Please avoid pasting everything in as normal text or taking screenshots of the text. This makes it quite difficult to read at times.
    Thanks and enjoy!

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