RegionSelfService 2.0.1a-SNAPSHOT

[HIRED] Updates will be available by the end of October.

  1. lifehome
    Define regions and let players buy them using any of the popular economy plugins.
    You can also make Free regions, that are reserved for new players.
    And much more!

    We hired a dev to make updates for this plugin, with tlc =D
    Please expect the release by the end of October. Meanwhile, you can play around on your server, report bugs or feature suggestions to us, and we'll see what could be done.

    1.8 with WG/WE 6:

    1.7 with WG/WE 5:

    How to update to version 2.0
    New installation:
    • Download the latest version at the top right-handed corner.
    • Put the file in your the server's plugins folder.
    • Start/reload the server.

    • support for most economy plugins, using Vault
    • create, remove, resize regions with payment/refund!
      • You need special permission to create regions outside a region that you own.
      • use WorldEdit's beloved //wand
      • makes sure regions don't overlap with other players' regions (configurable)
      • able to automatically find a suitable parent region (configurable)
    • reserve free regions, for new players (a.k.a players with no region)
    • count how many regions a player owns (also offline players can be checked)
    • place a sign to put a region up for sale
    • place a sign to put a region up for rent
    • smart signs!
      • automatically adjust price on new signs, when no price is typed
      • automatically adjust price on existing signs, when a different price is typed
      • automatically break when a region is removed
      • automatically break when a region is bought
    • Easy region info
      • Right-click a sign
      • Use the info command, while looking at a sign
      • Use the info command and specify a region name
    • Configure how much a protected block is worth
      • Used when a player needs to pay for creating a region.
        A region's worth is calculated using width and length (not height).
        A region's worth equals width * length * blockWorth
      • Used when a player's region is removed. A percentage of the region's worth is refunded.
      • Used when a player resizes a regiion, to pay/refund.
      • Used in the worth command, to tell you how much a region is worth. Or how big of a region your money can buy.
    • Configure a lot more!
      • What should the first line of sign look like? (usually: For Sale)
      • Different configurations per world.
      • How big/small/high/low can a region be?
      • How cheap/expensive can a region be?
      • How many regions is a player allowed to own?
    • Special permissions
      • to create regions outside existing regions you own
      • to remove regions that you don't own
      • to put any region up for sale or rent
      • to put a region up for sale or rent... outside the region itself
      • to sell or rent out regions for free
      • to bypass cost of creating regions etc. If onCreate.enableCost is set to true
      • to bypass the maximum amount of regions
    How to use
    Also see the Commands page (and the Permissions page)

    Create a region
    You can use WorldGuard's /region define command.
    Or you can use this plugin's /selfservice create command.

    Put a region up for sale
    Place one of those wooden signs.

    The sign must have a specific format:
    • For sale (is configurable)
    • region cost
    • region name (can be split into multiple lines)
    So for example, if you want to sell a region named myRegion for 1000 credits, the sign would look like this:


    Put a region up for rent
    It's the same as putting a region up for sale. Except that the region price, corresponds to "one hour of membership".
    Except for the second line. It contains "a price per amount of time". The format is like this:
    • For rent (is configurable)
    • rent cost : rent time
    • region name (can be split into multiple lines)
    So for example, if you want to rent out a region named myRegion for 100 credits per 1 day, 2 hours and 30 minutes, the sign would look like this:

    [insert image here]
    • For rent
    • 100:1d2h30m
    • myregion

    Get info on a region
    Right-click a Self Service sign or use the info command. It shows a bunch of info.
    Including how much it costs and how to buy, if you can afford it.

    Buy a region
    Look at a "For Sale" sign and type /selfservice buy.
    You will automatically become the one and only owner of that region.
    The previous owners will share the profits.

    Rent a region
    Look at a "For Rent" sign and type /selfservice rent.
    You will automatically become member of the region for the amount of time that is written on the sign.

    After some configurable percentage of the time has passed, you can extend the time. Just execute the command again. No matter how short that time is. You are always allowed to extend your membership during the very last minute.

    You will get a message when that percentage of time has passed, so you know when it's time to extend your membership.

    Important notes
    • Economy notes
      • The owner of a region will get the profits, no matter who put it up for sale.
      • If there are multiple owners, they will share the profits equally.
      • The profits are only shared amongst owners that have an account with your economy plugin. Basically, the owner names are treated as economy account names. Usually, your economy plugin creates an account for every new player.
    • When you restart/reload the server. The rent-time since the last minute is forgotten. And the last *minute* will start from zero.

Recent Updates

  1. WorldGuard/WorldEdit 5.x

Recent Reviews

  1. Bryan_Ponce
    Version: 2.0.1a-SNAPSHOT
    Looks like the plugin I have been looking for for SO long
    I've been wanting a plugin to make prison cells buyable such as
    1 Day
    or something to that extent
    Going to try it out on my 1.8.1 server and see what happens!
    If you would like to check it out
    currently working on a "secret" prisons update, which needs a plugin like this!
    I extremely hope it works!

    Its sad that this plugin is no longer being updated!
    The plugin would go FAR if it was made for a prisons type server to buy cells!

    Good luck whoever takes it over!
    i would if I knew all that java crap you guys do!

    Im just a server owner!
  2. ApexPvP
    Version: 2.0.1a-SNAPSHOT
    Signs are not working, I don't know why but when i right click or left click nothing happneds. And selfservice buy not working
    1. lifehome
      Author's Response
      I know this is long time ago and just wanna let you know there will be an update by the end of October, hope you could give us some suggestions then =D
  3. File14
    Version: 2.0.1a-WG6-SNAPSHOT
    Looks good! ;) I'll use this plugin for my Prison server to rent Cells
    1. lifehome
      Author's Response
      Thanks, and be sure to let me know for any issues ran into!