RegionUnstuck [1.8.8 - 1.15.2] 1.6

Teleport and get unstuck from a region where you are not a member of!

  1. Tested up to version 1.15.2

    I tested the RegionUnstuck plugin up to minecraft version 1.15.2
    The plugin works fine on all versions.

    If you are already running version 1.6 you don't have to update the plugin.
  2. Added requested feature

    Now you can set a certain amount of seconds that has to be between the delay notification. Only the last 5 seconds he wil get every second a notification.

    For example:
    Delay time is set to 30 seconds.
    Message delay time is set the 5 seconds
    He wil get a notification on: 30, 25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

    Added in config.yml:
    Code (YAML):
    messages-every: 5
  3. Added new delay feature and more

    Now there is a countdown freature for the delay function.
    To override the delay you just have to give the player the permission: regionunstuck.override.delay

    Set the delay message in the config file. You can use the placeholder %delay% to show how many seconds until teleport.

    Added help and reload command...
  4. Fixed all bugs about commands and added cooldown function

    Set the cooldown in seconds and even change the cooldown message.
    You can use the placeholder %cooldown%

    Override the cooldown function with the permission: regionunstuck.override-cooldown
  5. As requested added again the static commands

    Added static commands to get unstuck from a region.
    • unstuck
    • stuck
  6. Fixed custom command bug

    Documentation of how to update your plugin can he found here.

    Fixed the custom command bug so removed now you can set your own commands for this plugin.
  7. Added Delay function

    Documentation of how to update your plugin can he found here.

    Added a delay fucntion for the teleport, in seconds.
    Added 2 new commands to the unstuck command function.
    • /unstuck
    • /stuck
  8. Bug fixes

    So now the plugin is splited in 2 seperated versions of WorldGuard and WorldEdit. If you are using WorldGuard and WorldEdit 7.0.0 or newer on a 1.13 or newer minecraft version you need to install the RegionUnstuck_new-version.jar file. If you are using an older version install then the RegionUnstuck_old-version.jar file.
  9. Added update checker

    Added the updated checker ID to the plugin.