Relative Blocks To Skript (Development Tool) 1.0

Converts relative block locations to Skript code!

  1. Undust4able
    Hey there! If you ever was doing something with blocks in Skript, you'll love this little script.
    * Want to spawn a block structure without schematics?
    * Want to get a list of relative block coordinates just by doing a few clicks?
    * Tired of infinite repetitive tasks for yourself?

    Well, I made this for you! This handy tool generates script code for relative block structures, no matter how big is it.
    Using a special code template you can easily make blocks appear. Hell, even play sounds and particles at their location!

    set {_initial} to block at player
    add block 1 north block at {_initial} to {_list.stone::*}
    add block 2 north block at {_initial} to {_list.stone::*}
    add block 3 north block at {_initial} to {_list.stone::*}
    add block 1 north 1 east block at {_initial} to {_list.wood::*}
    add block 1 north 2 east block at {_initial} to {_list.wood::*}
    add block 1 north 3 east block at {_initial} to {_list.wood::*}
    loop {_list.stone::*}:
    set the block at loop-value to stone
    loop {_list.wood::*}:
    set the block at loop-value to wood

    This is just a basic variant of generated code; the script will make a command trigger instead.

    You can easily switch _list.wood to _list.stone in-game.

    * /rbts get - Gives you the Robot's Tool to select blocks.
    * /rbts reset - Resets output file and variables.
    * /rbts help - Prints out help stuff.
    * /rbts (initialname / listname) (text) - Changes list name or initial block variable name.
    * /rbts finish - Writes an example loop that sets blocks to stone in output file.

    Example Use
    * Build a structure.
    * Use /rbts get.
    * Left-click initial block (usually center block).
    * //(OPTIONAL)// Adjust /rbts listname to your liking if you want the structure code to be saved into different variable (useful if you want structure to have different blocks).
    * Right-click all the blocks your structure got.
    * //(OPTIONAL)// Adjust listname again if you want to use different blocks.
    * Use /rbts finish.
    * Rename output.skf to, adjust final loops to accept different blocks and load it.
    * ???
    * Profit!!!

    As you can see, the script is semi-automatic and is only supposed to be used for helping you with calculating relative block coords.


    This script has a WildSkript dependency. It's rather a common thing, so chances are that you already have it. If not, you can grab it here.

    Good luck with Skripting!