Relics 1.16

Adds 21 weapons with their own magical abilities and effects

  1. MyShimado
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    • 1.16
    Hello everyone!
    This plugin was created primarily for fun!:ROFLMAO:

    It is represented by 21 items, which include both weapons and armor. Each weapon has its own animations, abilities, methods of obtaining and drop chance.

    King Arthur's Sword - Spawns a wolf on the target, which attacks for a couple of seconds.
    Thor's Hammer - Spawns lightning on the target on each hit.
    Zeus Bolt - (Left Click) - Spawn lightning where you aim with the cursor; (Right Click) - Spawns several ramdom lightning bolts in the area every 60 seconds.
    Radiance - Sets fire to everyone in the area, except for the owner.
    Rudge Hook - Gives great movement speed and, when it hits the target, teleports it to you.
    Staff of Arachne - Spawns a poisonous spider on targets and a web block for a couple of seconds.
    Harkon's Sword - Restores health for each hit.
    Gatling Machine Gun - Snowball machine gun with huge damage.
    Moses' Boots - Allows you to walk on water and lava.
    Midas - instantly kills the mob and gives the player gold bars in proportion to the mob's HP.
    Staff of Death - lifts everyone in the area into the air and gives all negative effects for a couple of seconds.
    Staff of Ra - will spawn a flying fireball with great damage and speed.
    Warlord's axes - when 2 axes in two hands give tremendous speed, resistance, regeneration.
    Neptune's Trident - Allows you to fly it on land and spawn lightning at the point of impact.
    Basher - Has a chance to stun the mob for a few seconds.
    Wave Sword - Deals damage to everyone in the area.
    Captain America's Shield - gives 100% resistance and regeneration and spawns a wolf on the attacking player.
    Porcupine back - 3 times less damage is dealt from the back and several fireballs fly at the attacker.
    Shadowblade - gives absolute invisibility + removes armor automatically. After a few seconds, puts it back on.
    Icarus wings - makes it possible to take off from a place and continue flying without fireworks, just hit the air.
    Glove of Thanos - gives 100% resistance and instant kill of any creature.

    All weapons are dropped by mobs that spawn with a small chance and have the name Ancient Guardian. The chances of dropping and spawning can be adjusted in the config. - opens the / relics command to open the menu and pick up any of the weapons.

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    Hello!Very interesting plugin!
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    VERY COOL! I loved this plugin! The relics were great for duels! I highly reccomend!