RemoteMove 1.0

The Spigot-Discord integration that moves you through Discord channels!

  1. CheckmateChris
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    This plugin uses Discord and Spigot, and integrates it to work. Once you fill out the config, you can click on players in-game who have verified, and move them to the "target channel" with green dye, and back to the "queue channel" with red dye. You can only do this moving when you have operator on the server. (See more in Setting Up)
    To set up this plugin, you will have to start/reload your server at least once after installing the plugin to get the config.yml.
    You will have to make your own Discord bot, and put its token in "bot-token". The queue and target channels are filled out with the corresponding voice channels on your Discord server.
    At the Discord Developer Portal, you will have to find "Applications", and click "New Application". Name this whatever you want to name it. (I chose RemoteMove)

    Next, go to "Bots"

    While in the Bot tab, click "Add Bot"

    (Optional) Here, you can customize the name and profile picture of your bot.

    Now, the last step is to simply click "Copy" to copy your token and paste it in the config.yml where it says "bot-token".
    After finishing, your config should look like this. the queue and target channels should have two voice channel IDs from your Discord server, your bot-token should have the token (explained above), and the verify part should be left untouched (that is data that saves verifications)
    To use the plugin, once you have made a bot and filled in the config.yml, only if you have op, will you be able to click on people with lime and red dye.
    Clicking on lime dye:
    When clicking a player with lime dye (NOT GREEN), if the player is verified and they are in the queue call (Set up in the config), they will be moved to the target call.

    Clicking on red dye:
    It is the same thing as lime dye, but it moves the person from the target call to the queue call.

    How to verify:
    To verify, that player has to go into the discord server where your channels are, and type !verify in a channel. The bot should reply with this message in the channel:

    That player should check their DMs and follow the instructions.


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