Remove ADs 1.1

The lightest ad remover for your server !

  1. TheDarangel
    The lightest ad remover for your server


    Remove ADs is a very light and simple ad remover used to prevent players from making advertisement on your server.
    - Block IPs
    - Block links
    - Block email adresses
    - Custom message (with player names and IPs)
    - Color codes support
    - Warn administrators​

    Future features:
    - Configurable instant kick
    - Number of tries before ban​

    • removeads.bypass
      Allow the user to bypass the ad remover. (default: op)
    • removeads.warn
      Warn the user that someone is trying to send an advert

Recent Updates

  1. Warn administrators

Recent Reviews

  1. Neon_Ash
    Version: 1.0
    Can you add when they say the ips it will send it to the staff bc it would be very helpful to ban them can you plz added it?
    1. TheDarangel
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review ! This feature is on the way