Remove Curse Enchantments 1.0

Remove binding and vanishing curses from your equipment.

  1. HunterDragon
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    The curse enchantments are the bane of the Minecrafter’s existence. They can take the most powerful of items and make them utterly useless. Should the player die in survival mode with their favorite item that has the curse of vanishing on it….Poof! That wonderful item you had is now gone. Worse yet, if you get a powerfully enchanted piece of armor that needs repairing and it has the curse of binding on it….well, good luck taking it off.

    The curse has its place in Minecraft, however, for those who would like to exorcise the evil curses from their items, I present to you the Remove Curse Enchantments plugin.


    Place the cursed item in an anvil in the first slot.


    Place a block of Diamond in the second slot. The diamond block will purify the item of a single curse.


    Remove the newly exorcised item from the third slot and enjoy.


    Note: This task is tiresome and will result in a level loss of 25 levels from the player. If you do not have 25 levels, you will not be able to pull the cleansed item from its slot and you will have to try again later.