RenameItems 1.26.15/1.8-R0.1

RenameItems lets you change an items name/lore with color!

  1. Polarcraft
    Why choose RenameItems?
    Well I made RenameItems so that players alike can change items without needing xp, and as well as renaming the items with color!

    Are there any commands we have to type?
    /rename <item_name>; yg.rename
    /relore <item_lore>; yg.relore

    If you ever need support the best way to get a hold of me is either through PMS or over irc.

    Q/ Do you support chatcolors?
    A/ Yes, I made that a part of the plugin by default.

Recent Updates

  1. Updated to 1.26.15!

Recent Reviews

  1. Charmanpk
    Version: 1.26.15/1.8-R0.1
    I was searching for a plugin like this with out luck, but i found this and works perfectly, with out problems, nice work! (Tested on Spigot 1.8.8)