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RentingCraft Version 1.1.1 2nd

RentingCraft allows players to offer/rent tools and items

  1. Update: Version 1.1.1 2nd

    Some servers don't support Java version 1.8 yet. If the main version 1.1.1 doesn't work use this one instead.
  2. Updated to version 1.1.1

    If you were running version 1.0.4 or lower please delete all language files of the plugin when updating there a lot has changed in them!


    * Added possibility to change prefix, GUI headers and item names.
    * Now supports custom names and lores
    * Some bug fixes were done as well
  3. Updated to version 1.0.4


    * More bug fixes and errors fixed
  4. Updated to version 1.0.3


    * Another bug fix
  5. Updated to version 1.0.2


    * Did some bugfixes
    * Fixed the problem with stopping an offer and item not being removed from armorslot.
  6. Version 1.0.1 released


    * Plugin now uses Vault instead of Essentials to make your server use the Economy plugin (supported by Vault) as Economy plugin for RentingCraft
    * Permissions added
  7. Version 0.1.1 released

    Version 0.1.1
    First official release of the plugin.

    • Fixed problems with durability and uses. Some items has to be use after the last official use before they get out of the inventory.
    • Players cannot drop a rented item.
    • Players cannot move a rented item in an other inventory (ex. Chests, Craftingtables, Enchanting, ...).
    • Players will keep a rented item in their inventory when they die, and the item will also not drop.
    From now on Metrics is...