RentIt - Shop and Hotel renting 2.2.0

Create Rentable Shops and Hotels in prepared Regions

  1. New Version v2.2.0

    There shouldnt be any issues with the 1.17. Even with the versions before. Otherwise please let me know on Discord!

    - 'Options.useDisplayName' -> creates the PlayerNPCs with the Owners Prefix and Farbcodes
    - Updated depcrecated Citizens Methodes
    - /<shop/hotel> help -> opens the help book. Can be optimized in the config
    - PlaceholderAPI Support

    %rentit_currentId% - returns the ID of the Hotel/Shop, that the player is standing in.
    %rentit_currentType% - returns the Type (Hotel/Shop),...
  2. Java 16 Support! Please Update before Updating to Java 16!!

    Please Update this plugin before updating to Java 16!
    If you should have already and NPCs are missing, then please delete the "ShopNPC.yml" in the "rentit" directory and set them again!

    - All Signs getting Updated, after changes are made for a category
    - Support for Java 16
  3. New Permissions and Shop Villager

    New Update v2.1.0
    - Fixed ConfigUpdater Issue
    - Citizens is now SoftDepended. You can set 'Options.useNPCs' to 'false' and it uses the Vanilla Villagers.
    - Options to disable build and teleport features for normal users.

    Includes Update v2.0.4

    - Fixed WorldGuardAPI SoftDependency Issue (WorldGuard is not needed for this plugin! But supported)

    New Config Entrys:

    Code (Text):
         #Using Citizens NPCs as Shops. Otherwise Villagers
         useNPCs: true...
  4. Citizen API Update

    Thanks to @Janmm14 hint, I changed the implementation of Citizens from compile to provided. This reduces the file size and uses the Citizens Version on the Server!

    Also I fixed a small error, if somebody deletes a ShopNPC with a Citizens command.

  5. Important Bugfixes!

    - Fixed losing Shop Items after Restart!
    - Fixed Admin Settings for Hotels (Shift + Rightclick on a Sign)
    - Fixed Admin functions
    - Fixed error while getting a user Shop Rollback, that didnt exists (/shop rollback %player%)

    A Tutorial is in progress!
  6. Update to Version 2.0.1

    Bug Fix, if you Upgraded from a Version before.
  7. Performance and Stability Update an more!

    - Performance and Stability - better TPS and less MySQL Statements
    - Code Improvment
    - Bug and miss-translations Fixes
    - WorldGuard Support
    - no more WorldGuard error messages
    - Auto Config Updater
    - Max. Hotelrooms/Shops - You can change the values in the Config for every group! Otherwise -> Default
    - Multiple Signs Support - Old Signs needs to be set up again
    - useSSL can now be set up in the config. Use false if you got any wierd connection...
  8. Update to Version 1.0.1

    • Fixed some issues with the config
    • Disabling the Plugin, if no Database was connected.
    • added a message named "notATime" that gets called, if an invalid time is entered. Please look at Time Format for more informations
    • improved the explanation on Spigot. There is now a How to Guide for Users and Admins.
  9. Config Update

    After translating the Plugin in english i sadly made a mistake in the config. So here the first Update.