Repair Hammers 1.1.1

Fix your items on the fly

  1. Hammer Durability

    this update was a rewrite of a lot of the plugin and changes several things the big ones are: it adds hammer durability, and lets you turn on/off the methods to use the hammers, and turn on/offitems what can be fixed
  2. 1.1.0

    Added an interface to allow other plugins to add hammers
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  3. Additions API support

    added support for items from additions api suggested by DrkMatr1984
    fixed bud in /hammershop
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  4. New method to use

    added a new way to use the hammers with right click from hotbar
  5. Item data

    • Added data to hammer config requested by Ergenta
    • bug fixes for RPGItems support
    If there are any issues or features you would like to see added let me know
  6. RPGItems fix

    fixes errors in RPGItems support
  7. RPGItems Support

    Added support for RPGItems plugin (requested by jakubasd)
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  8. Shop update

    • added new command /hammershop
    • added new subcommand /hammers buy
    • added new subcommand /hammers info
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  9. Consume and Cost

    • cost to use a hammer (requires Vault)
    • error message if the player can pay to use the hammer
    • option for hammers to not be consumed on use
    • defaults for most things in the config
    If you want to use hammer costs then you will need vault but if you want all hammers to be free you don't need vault.
    Code (Text):
    name: Hammer
    type: IRON_INGOT
    enchanted: true
    amount: 50%
    consume: true
    cost: 0
    fixall: false
    fixlist: all
    lore: []
    use: []...
  10. Fix lists

    • You can now set up multiple fix lists for hammers to fix different items
    • Hammers now have there own can't use permission
    • Error messages have been redone
    To update save your old config somewhere else and delete it so the plugin can make a new one that you can edit.