RepairItem [1.7 - 1.16] - Any broken tool? 1.6

Simple, easy to configure and powerful solution for tool durability. Just like an anvil.

  1. RepairItem 1.1 - New API, fixed output messages, comments update !

    - New API: New API contains functions like commands have. See 'API' part of main resource page.

    - Fixed Output Messages: Fixed output messages (config.yml: doOutput). If this was true, plugin could send to player negative info too (like ''Can't repair item'' or ''This item is unused''...). But with this update, plugin is able to send only message if item(s) was repaired (like ''Successfully repaired items...''), but still only if doOutput in config.yml is true, of course.

    - Comments update: Comments in config.yml were updated, so they are easier to understand. Make sure to delete config.yml and on startup will be created new one. Then, you will have latest version of config.
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