RepairItem [1.7 - 1.16] - Any broken tool? 1.6

Simple, easy to configure and powerful solution for tool durability. Just like an anvil.

  1. RepairItem 1.6 - Full recode, config changes, command reconfiguration and better compatibility.

    - Full recode: The plugin was fully recoded from scratch, as it was planned. I am sorry for such a huge delay and hope that this will not happen again. Performance was significantly improved with higher quality code. Wiki is also available, use the button on the plugin page.

    - Config changes: The configuration file was changed completely.

    - Command reconfiguration: From now, all repair functions are moved into one, /repair command and are completely reconfigurable....
  2. RepairItem 1.5 - Small blocker upgrades, command update.

    - Small blocker upgrades: I have upgraded the item blocker.

    - Command update: If you don't have permission, plugin displayed the usage of the command.
  3. RepairItem 1.4 - Blocked items, config changes, 1.14 support

    - Blocked items: Now you can configure items that are blocked!

    - Config changes: With blocked items there comes new configuration part. Please delete your current config, reload plugin and let plugin to create new one!

    - 1.14 support: From this update version 1.14 is supported!
  4. RepairItem 1.3 - API update, new command names, new commands, changes in config !

    - API update: API now contains new functions. It's called by other way now. For more details, see 'API' part of main resource page.

    - New command names: Added new aliases for commands. Command /repair changed to /repairHands. For more details, see 'Commands & permissions' part of main resource page.

    - New commands: Added new commands...
  5. RepairItem 1.2 - API update, version 1.13 support !

    - API update: Updated API class name and other things.

    - Version 1.13 support: From this update version 1.13 is supported, too.
  6. RepairItem 1.1 - New API, fixed output messages, comments update !

    - New API: New API contains functions like commands have. See 'API' part of main resource page.

    - Fixed Output Messages: Fixed output messages (config.yml: doOutput). If this was true, plugin could send to player negative info too (like ''Can't repair item'' or ''This item is unused''...). But with this update, plugin is able to send only message if item(s) was repaired (like ''Successfully repaired items...''), but...