RepairPlus 2014-11-30

A very useful repairing plugin for RPG servers!

  1. AlexKossJr
    Welcome to RepairPlus!
    RepairPlus is a very easy to use and fun plugin, which can be used on any kind of server.

    How it works:
    When you right-click an Anvil with a broken item in your hand, it appears to be floating above the anvil. The price in EXP will be given to you. If you have enough EXP, by writing "yes" in the chat you confirm the repairing. The item will be repaired, and returned to you. There is no EXP limit like in the regular Anvil, so even greatly enchanted items can be repaired!

    Wait, so you can't use anvils the regular way?
    You can! Just right-click the anvil while sneaking, and you'll open up the regular Anvil GUI! It's that simple!

    - A new way to repair your items
    - Repair enchanted items
    - Repair anything that has durability
    - Compatible with most other plugins
    - Very easy to use


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Recent Updates

  1. Sneak & chat bug fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. AMinecraftDev
    Version: 2014-11-30
    This plugin is terrible, outdated, and doesn't work! However I found an updated version of it at: so use that if you want to use this plugin. It also is way better with more features! :)
  2. Chimera
    Version: 2014-11-30
    Can someone please update this? It loads fine in my server, but won't return repaired items! If it's updated I'll 5 star it :)
  3. Chemmic
    Version: 2014-11-30
    Nice plugin, and really usefull for rpg servers, thanks allot for making it free!