Report Player cheat (Gui menu, cooldown) Version 1.3

Hi, i present my first ressource on, have fun.

  1. lkjum111
    Hi, i present my first ressource on, have fun.

    Sorry for my bad english...

    Report script is a management script.
    he allow you to report a player if you believe who he is suspect (the player)

    The language of this script is french, you can translate the sentences on your
    own language.
    Cooldown: the command /report has a cooldown of 1 min intervale beetween
    each command.
    You can edit this.

    Gui: Gui have edit iten raname by a title of cheat/swear action.
    You can add option in gui and edit this on your desire.

    Syntax: /report <playername>
    command: /report
    usage: can report a suspect player

    This is the end.
    Have nice weeks
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Recent Reviews

  1. mctutocraft12
    Version: Version 1.3
    download as .jar please (S'il vous plait faire en plugins et non en skript sinon le plugins a l'air cool
  2. TabZ
    Version: Version 1.3
    hello, this looks ike an nice thing, but can u make an jar file for 1.8 servers? that would be awesome
    1. lkjum111
      Author's Response
      i can try to convert this skript in java plugin
  3. RM72
    Version: Uptade 21/03/2016
    I prefer the gui style ill see if i can turn into a .jar for you. good plugin will try and get my server to use it ;D
    1. lkjum111
      Author's Response
      I can make jar in next time, i don't have time this day, i make this in next holiday i think
  4. redbaron28
    Version: Uptade 21/03/2016
    Not a jar. Learn to code and then redo it. Skirts are the worst as they take soooo much cpu power to run...
    1. lkjum111
      Author's Response
      its probably true, i can make this and compare the size
  5. AkEgo
    Version: 2015-10-12
    download as .jar please .
    1. lkjum111
      Author's Response
      .jar is a Java plugin or .sk is a script (not plugin, just folder)