Report 1.2.3

[GER][ENG] Reports, Bans and Kicks incl. GUI

  1. JND_3004
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    German, English
    [​IMG] Report is a plugin that allows you to report, ban and kick players.
    Report requires access to a database.​

    • Ban evil players (/b <player> <reason>)
    • Temporary ban (/tb <player> <[time]s|m|h|d|mo|y> <reason>)
    • Unban a player (/ub <player>)
    • Kick a player (/k <player> <reason>)
    • Report a player (/report <player> <reason>)
    • Open the book for all reports (/report book)
    • Find informations about the report (move mouse on the book)
    • Teleport to the report (click on the book)
    • Accept/Delete player reports
    • Spam protection > You can only report the same person every 30 minutes
    • No own report > You can't report yourself

    Commands ingame:

    GUI images:
    All reports

    Informations about a report

    Backward/Forward Pagination

    1. Download the Report plugin
    2. Start or reload your server
    3. Edit now the config.yml file in your /plugins/Report/ folder
    4. Reload your server for the last time
    5. Now have fun with my Report plugin!
      If you editing again the config.yml file, can you now use the /report reload command at reload the plugin.

    • Player permissions
      • report.ver
    • Admin permissions
      • report.admin.*
      • report.admin.ban
      • report.admin.tempban
      • report.admin.unban
      • report.admin.kick
      • report.admin.updatedb
      • report.admin.reload
    Code (Text):
    # (C) 2018 Report Plugin written by JND_3004.
    # All rights reserved. License
    # For more informations, visit

    language: "en"
    dateFormat: 24
      host: ""
      port: "3306"
      name: ""
      user: "root"
      pass: ""
      useSSL: false



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