ReportBH | Report Players | Accept Reports [SKRIPT] 1.0

you can report players one at a time it will then send it to all online admins + More!

  1. JDuhb
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This is ReportBH, in this skript there are a decent amount of features for this skript, you can report a player then have a admin accept or deny it, you cannot submit another report until the admin accepts or denies it.


    - Report other players
    - UUID Support
    - Customizable messages
    - Customizable prefixs
    - Accept/Deny Reports
    - Permissions
    - Can't report self


    - /Report <Player> <Hacks> <Description/Reason>
    - /ReportReply <Player> <Accept/Deny>
    - /RDebug <Player>


    - reportbh.denyaccept \\ Deny/Accept a Report
    - reportbh.receivereport \\ Receive Reports
    - \\ Report a player
    - reportbh.debug \\ Debug a player


    - Nothing Yet ( !Suggest Ideas! )


    - This skript is in beta, I don't have 2 accounts so I cannot test it that well but if there is bugs please let me know either in discussion or pm, not reviews

    - Debug may not work properly


    1. Do not redristribute without permission
    2. Do not sell
    3. Do not edit code
    4. Do not take bit's of code


    - Skript (Latest)

    How to install?
    1. Drag Skript into Plugins Folder.
    2. Load the server until you see Skript Folder
    3. Inside the Skript folder you can see scripts go into that
    3. Drag ReportBH - BY iJDuhb into scripts folder
    4. Restart server
    5. BOOM! Works...

    If you can't get it to work PM me!

    How to edit?

    click the ReportBH skript and it should tell you what to do from there

    Example: Server>plugins>Skript>scripts>ReportBH - BY iJDuhb