Reporter V7.2

You cant manage whole the server no problem with this players with permission can report players

  1. DaanSander
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    Well hello, we all know this problem if you have a large server but cant manage every server? No problem with this the players with permissions can submit a report and it will be automaticly saved into a config/database file and a message will be sended to all the online operators


    - Report player with uuid even if the player is offline
    - MySql support
    - Get all reports nice and clean
    - Change the messages however you want

    - 500
    - 550
    - 600
    - 660
    - 700

    Code (Text):

    #The messages that will be send to the player when he reports someone
    #You can use color codes by using &
    no-permission: "&cYou do not have enough permissions"
    message-report: "&cReported the player &6%target% with the reason: &6%reason%"
    message-adminnote: "&6%target% &chas been reported with the reason: &6%reason%"
    message-checkreport: "&cReported by &6%reporter% &cwith reason: &6%reason%"
    cooldown-message: "&cYou cant report for &6%time% &cseconds!"
    insufficient-arguments-report: "&cInsufficient arguments usage: /report <player> <reason>"
    insufficient-arguments-reports: "&cInsufficient arguments usage /reports <all | player> <maxEntries> <page>"
    use-uuid: true
    mysql: false
    mysql-port: 3306
    mysql-db: reporter
    mysql-username: admin
    mysql-password: root
    cooldown: 20

    - Updater
    - Website Integration
    - Wiki
    - Integrated api

    Code (Text):
    /report <Name> <Reason> - Reports a player

    /reports <all | player> <max entries> <page> - Checks if the player is reported

    Code (Text):

    reporter.admin - get a message when a player is reported - permission to report a player

    reporter.reports - view the reports


    For suggestions use the discussions page :)


    Coming soon! :)


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Recent Reviews

  1. MrClash
    Version: V7.2
    Fantastic, but
    1. Please update the plugin's spigot site! It's totally outdated (add all commands, permissions ...)
    2. Some messages aren't translated and they aren't in the language file (German), please fix this or make a new language file (I can translate it for my own)
    3. Maybe add specific reasons to report a player, which can be edit by the admins
  2. Nox
    Version: V7.2
    how can i delete reports
    your plugin is ok but pls fix the del command

  3. VitaminEsserYT
    Version: V7.2
    Can you add that players can only reports z.b Hacking or Spamming.And can you add a protection for team member that players cant report team member.But nice plugin
  4. Boggled_
    Version: V7.2
    Perfect Nice job
  5. IDontTrollYou
    Version: V.7.1
    Perfect !
    Just add the possibility to translate the message (Insufficient arguments usage...)
    Thanks !
    1. DaanSander
      Author's Response
      Thanks :). Sure I will add it
  6. AnyBody
    Version: V7.0
    WOW! nice job man! Perfect work

    Using in me netw :)
    1. DaanSander
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
    Version: V5.1
    Great! I use it on my network
  8. pattyd14
    Version: V5.0
    Please add support for BungeeCord, and add a /reports list command. Without these, this isn't very useful for my server.
    1. DaanSander
      Author's Response
      I am trying to add these and tomorow i will release the /report list command and some error fixes
  9. Christian2185
    Version: V5.0
    I think you should add a command to view the reports in game. My staff do not have access to the console so they can not get to the config.
    1. DaanSander
      Author's Response
      There is /isreported <player>
  10. oSaphyre
    Version: V5.0
    Could u make it bungeecord support? It will be great, like

    message-report: '&6[%SERVER%] &cReported the player &6%target% with the reason: &6%reason%'