Reporter! 1.0

This is the first of alot!, Have fun with this plugin!

  1. PeaPod
    Report Player
    Have you ever wanted an easy way for your players to let you know if a player is hacking or cheating?
    Well with this you can you can easily see if a player is hacking and have any player do / report [Player] [Reason]
    and all the OP's on the server will be sent a message about who sent the report and who is hacking or cheating
    and if you have Notifications Installed you will get pop ups of on your desktop (but you must host the server on your computer to see them and I really recommend installing it)

    Some Commands

    • /report [Player] || No Permissions
    • Permission: Report.View
      Makes sure to have this in a staff members permissions!
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  1. iiFsFsx
    Version: 1.0
    Nice Plugin Man the best plugin