ReporterGUIWeb 1.6.5

Web interface for plugin ReporterGUI

  1. itpao25

    Test in demo

    username: itpao25 passwd: ciaociao

    Plugin required:

    [​IMG] Fork me on GitHub! :) :

    How to install:
    • Download the resource (if you are on linux, use the command "wget") and upload it to the web folder (such as /var/www for linux)
    • Rename the folder in ReporterGUI
    • Find the file config.php and configure the database information
      (Remember to use the same database that you have set for the plugin)
    • Set string "$config['installed-sec'] = false;" to "$config['installed-sec'] = true;"
    • Save the file and close it
    • Open your browser and enter the address or domain where you uploaded the folder and enter the install folder (exemple:
    • If everything is proceeding correctly you will see something like this:

    • Create the administrator user
    • Delete the folder "install"
    • Go to the index page
    • You have completed installation!
    • Check in real time the report
    • Secure login
    • Add multiple accounts and set permissions
    • Add multiple servers to better manage reports
    • View the report information
    • Manage users (edit / delete)
    • Customizes the logo of your server
    • Notification of a new report in real time!
    • Sound for notification
    • Possibility to translate the contents (in beta)
      If you want me to help translate send me the file translated and put your signature here in the description!
    • Add / Edit notes for each report
    • Add reports manually
    • Support general reports
    user: itpao25
    password: ciaociao

    or (when a user logs changes the session id, then the users connected with the account does not have the ability to browse)

    username: test
    password: ciaociao




    Check my other plugin!



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Recent Reviews

  1. Niromash
    Version: 1.6.5
  2. snipr_crazy
    Version: 1.6.5
    Perfect but can you add liteban to be able to see punishment history.
    thank you ;)
  3. JackyCraft
    Version: 1.6.5
    It looks like fucking good, but can you add a button to ban, kick or mute (EX: To be compatible w/ BungeeAdminTools) ? And it can be perfect ! :D
  4. Viktr
    Version: 1.6.5
    Will leave a good review because of a amazing developer active and more he is a really great guy. (Comes from a user that dont own the plugin x))
  5. PabloGamer380YT
    Version: 1.6.5
    Es un buen complemento para el ReporterGui me parece exelente
    Pero hay cosas las cuales se podrian mejorar por ejemplo mejorar lo que viene siendo el lang agregar mas opciones de traduccion por que en el lang no aparece todo el listado de mensajes de la web si que se pueden cambiar en otros archivos pero es mas comodo desde la lang
    Tambien en la opcion de agregar reportes veo que es una opcion totalmente inutil por el momento... Por que inutil? Por que para que un Admin o Mod va a agregar un reporte desde la pagina? Si la funcion de ellos es revisarlos, estaria bien esa seccion si fuera mas que todo para los usuarios normales, que ellos entren y pueden agregar su reporte pero para Admins, Mods y Helpers lo veo totalmente Inutil
    Esa seria mi opinion de este Complemento
  6. BuchLP
    Version: 1.6.4
    Man muss sich für 8€ das ReporterGUI kaufen!---- Es ist sehr sehr schade! Das Plugin hätte potenzial!!
    1. itpao25
      Author's Response
      If you think that the plugin has potential, you can buy it to support the developer :)
      Otherwise you are free to use another plugin
  7. Mineoz
    Version: 1.6.4
    Im sorry but I don't think this is a good plugin at all, the web interface is ok, but it only provides minimal information. I know if I was to be banned by this process I would be pretty pissed off because it does not provide any evidence that for example a player has griefed or anything, players who report players cant attach any evidence. Now most of us who have run big servers know that you must have evidence to ban a player. having said this we all know what it is like when young players get shitty with other players in the game, they will just report a player for the hell of it, and with this plugin, it is the perfect opportunity for them to do it.

    At this point the plugin is only a means of tracking a report, you still have to manually ban the player, a player cant attach any evidence. Looks like I am going back to the old way of having players use our forums to report players.

    Oh and another problem with this plugin, the web interface is only for an admin, players cant see when or why they were banned.
    1. itpao25
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review!
      I prefer a constructive comment like this, compared to a simple negative review. Yes, my plugin only allows you to view reports using a motivation given by users, but my idea is to create a public form (?) where players can also upload pictures and more information for the report, for web end.

      We can continue the discussion on the official topic, thanks
  8. tooxo1
    Version: 1.6.4
    Very good Interface but where are the translation nodes for the Report states like "OPEN" or "APPROVED"?
    1. itpao25
      Author's Response
      Thanks, for the translations what do you mean?
      In the file are present the array "status-opened", "status-approved", "status-declined", "status-expired" and "status-duplicated".

      You could translate those lines :)
  9. nly253
    Version: 1.6
    One of the best webguis on spigot. It is very easy to use and also looks very nice. I appreciate your work!
  10. Renzoez
    Version: 1.5
    Its just Cool this plugin!!! AWESOME!!! 5 STARS!!!

    Tell me, it is possible to be for a Bukkit/spigot Server?

    Thanks and Great Plugin!!!!!
    1. itpao25
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback!