ReportPlayers 1.0

Report players to staff on your server, including reason.

  1. Hadermite
    ReportPlayers - Report players to staff


    - Players can report other players with a custom reason.
    - Staff will get a message in the chat when someone gets a report.
    - The reports will also be written to a file, to be accessed by staff later on.
    - You don't need to look in the file, you can do everything with commands.


    /re <Player> <Message> - Report a player.
    /report <Player> <Message> - Report a player.

    /re show - Show all reported + count.
    /re show <Player> - Show all report messages for a player.
    /re remove <Player/all> - Remove all reports for a player or all players.

    Permissions - display reports.
    reported.manage - remove reports.


    First message displays to the player who reported.
    Second message displays to all staffs.

    This is what displays when executing "/re show"


    This is what displays when executing "/re show <Player>"