ReportSystem 1.8.8


  1. DustPlayMC
    Hey there!
    Do you need a ReportSystem?
    Here i coded one !
    Please send me feedbacks or ideas to pimp up the ReportSystem.
    I want really to make this Plugin good and i need your help.

    This ReportSystem Plugin is for Servers who need it.
    It's simple to use: "A player saw a hacker or need help. He report him with a specially command, and the Supporters/Admins become the message and can do his job."

    The Command to invoke the ReportSystem is
    /report <Player> <Reason>
    and the Permissions are

    If u want to change the prefix or so u can contact me:
    Skype: dustplayhd
    E-Mail: [email protected]
    or post a comment.​