Request! v1.1

Player can send requests for certain things and when they are accepted, commands are executed!

  1. TGlev
    Basically, this is what the plugin adds:

    Whenever a player types /request <name>, every player with the permission: Request.<name> will recieve a message: <Player> send a request to <name>! Use /accept <player>. Whenever this is done, the player will be 'accepted' and some commands are executed. The commands are configurable in the config!
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Recent Updates

  1. Bug fix
  2. Added configurable messages!

Recent Reviews

    Version: v1.0
    Still using the plugin! ;)

    Works perfect!.
    I'am going to use it for my Kingdom project.

    I can use it to Promote the players Without staff online! :D

    Thanks Again xD