ReQuip 2.0.1

The easiest and complex Respawn-Kit you've ever seen!

  1. Sidcode
    You want a plugin wich allows you to give your Players a kit when they spawn wich you can configure with commands? Then ReQuip is exactly what you need! Configuring ReQuip takes just a few seconds, because you only need up to 2 commands.

    Here's a german video wich explains you how this plugin works / how to configure it:

    • /requip
      Shows basic plugin informations.
    • /requip reload
      Reloads the ReQuip configuration.
    • /requip save <inventory | armor>
      Saves your inventory or armor as a kit (You can save them seperately).
    • /requip view <inventory | armor>
      Shows you the inventory or armor in a chest-like view.
    • /requip getkit
      Gives you the configured kit (inventory and armor).

    • requip.*
      Gives you all permissions for this plugin.
    • requip.command.*
      Gives you access to all ReQuip-Commands
    • requip.command.getkit
      Gives you access to the /requip getkit command.
      Allows you to save the kit.
    • requip.command.view
      Allows you to view the configured kit.
    • requip.command.reload
      Gives you access to the /requip reload command.

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