ResetWorld 1.0

Resetting worlds on server restart

  1. Borrachondo
    This plugin basically copy all the worlds inside his folder into the server folder before server starts.

    How it works:
    There are two principal functions. First, copy all worlds you want to restore every time the server starts into the plugin folder. If you want to restore only ONE world of many randomly, you can. Just create a folder called "Random" inside of the plugin folder, and drag all worlds there. Automatically, the plugin will take a random map and it will restore it.

    NOTE: If you restore a world inside the random folder, it will be renamed to the name in config, that also must be as level-name. Why? Because this plugin is designed for map random rotations when a server restarts.

    Also you can perfectly combine these two functions, all worlds inside of the plugin folder but not inside the random folder, will be copied without renaming.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Light.00
    Version: 1.0
    Awesome, but can you add the Feature to restore a world without restarting? and automatically? -----
  2. Supertutos
    Version: 1.0
    Hi how i can make this that the wolrd is inside of a plugin? sorry for my english i speak spanish buen plugin!!! good plugin!!!