Resource Pack Lobby (Skript) 1.0

Lock your players until they download your resource pack!

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    Resource Pack Lobby version 1.0
    Lock your players until they download your resource pack!

    What is Resource Pack Lobby?
    This is a Skript plugin that locks players in a specific predefined location until they download your resourcepack file. They can't interact with game world in any way: are unable to chat, break or place blocks, get hungry, receive damage etc. As the system receives status that player has installed the pack, he must type /ready to resume the game, or use /ready auto <timespan> to automatically spawn after <timespan> seconds. This resource makes sure that player doesn't get hurt while loading and only proceeds when he's ready and not lagging.

    Requirements Download all required plugins as a .zip file
    Step 1. Download Skript and all required addons manually or download them as a .zip file from a link above.
    Step 2. Put downloaded plugins in your /plugins/ server directory.
    Step 3. Restart your server.
    Step 4. Download file and put it in your /plugins/Skript/scripts server directory.
    Step 5. Use command /sk reload resourcepack

    If you have completely installed this resource (reached step 5), go on your server. Make sure that the lobby is already built and there is no escape from it. Selelct your desired location where players should spawn and type /resourcepack:loc lobby. Your location will be used as a lobby point.
    Then select a location where the hologram should spawn, displaying current resourcepack status. Type /resourcepack:loc hologram. Your feet location will be used as a hologram point.

    If you're sure you are ready with configuration, just leave your server and connect back to check if you are fine with it.
    All the messages except ones used in /resourcepack:loc command are configurable. Open the .sk file in text editor and scroll to line 18.

    This plugin only uses one command - /ready or /resourcepack:ready if some plugins override it. The command usage is pretty straightforward and explained more in-game.
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