Resource Points 1.0.1

Capture resource points to gain money and material

  1. Hmmcrunchy
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.14
    Resource points allows admins to setup points (extractors) around the world that can be captured. once captured the extractor will mine its product into a chest that can be accessed by the extractor owner.

    Other plugins linked to
    Vault: required
    Towny: Optional


    • Custom extractors, with input and output materials.
    • Towny integration - earn money for your town as well as you.
    • Vault integration to pay players for having a resource point
    • Timed income reports
    • Configurable capture time when Extractor contested
    • Only Extractor owner can open extractor chest
    • Extractor types limited to configured worlds

    Creating Resource Points in game
    • Place a sign with Extractor on 1st line and type on 2nd
    • Sign will change an extractor

    Creating custom resource points:
    In the config data.yml create or edit an extractor type. use the following settings
    Type: the extractor name
    Mined material: source,result
    The source is the block immediately below the sign
    The result is the itemstack place in chest each production time
    Worlds: The worlds that this extractor can be used in.
    townBonus: The amount of blocks extra given to town on capture of point
    townMoney: The money given to your town each cycle
    money: personal income for each extractor owned
    allTeam: is the income is paid to all members of a town.

    Resource points:

    Points will be shown to be owned by a player on the sign, each timed cycle the extractor will pay out to the player, town and town players. it will also create a material and stock a chest placed near to the extractor. This check will only be able to be opened by the extractor owner

    Capturing Resource points:

    Any player can capture a resource point from a player by right clicking, other town colleagues will not be able to capture another player from the same town's point.
    The extractor will inform the owner that the point is being captured by message, id the player is not online a message will be sent to them for when they return.
    The set time usually 15 mins will count down, if the owner clicks the sign they will capture the point back, if after 15 mins the point is not captured back the attacker will take over the point and gain access to the chests.
    During the "attack" nothing will be paid out to anyone until its captured fully.


    /rps: general command - can also be /respoints or /res

    /rps extractor list: show a list of available extractors
    /rps extractor <extractor>: Show info for the specified extractor

    /rps show resources: Show a list of your captured resource points
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    Version: 1.0.1
    Fixed reported issues very quickly - nice developer!
    5/5, a very interesting plugin. Will definately follow for updates!
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      :) thanks glad all resolved