Respawner 1.2

Removes the respawn screen.

  1. BlazarYT
    This plugin removes the default respawn screen from your server so that players do not waste long amounts of time pressing the Respawn button.

    "Thank you everyone for trying out my plugin, I have been working really hard on it and I hope you are liking it!" - BlazarYT, 10:28 PM, 31/12/2015

    • Removes the Respawn screen
    • Essentials Economy support
    • Configure if you hear a sound on death
    • Configure if you see death messages or not
    • Configure if how much money you lose on death (requires Essentials)
    • Check config in game

    • /rs-config displays the config in chat (currently does not work, just check the console on server startup/reload, sorry)
    • respawner.bypass.death-message if the player has this they will not have death messages in the chat
    • if the player has this they will not lose money on death

    Planned Features
    • Configurable death sound (currently cannot get it to work)
    • Economy support done
    • Disable death messages done
    • Change config in game
    • Permissions for commands
    • Permissions to bypass death messages done
    • Permissions to bypass money loss done

    • Essentials - get it here