ResPistonFix 1.1

Prevent griefing using piston to push/pull blocks in/out from residence

  1. USunOfBeach
    If your server is using Residence plugin,
    You can try to use a sticky piston outside a residence(when the piston flag is true) to pull out block which is in the residence. And you will know why you need this fix.


    Servers using Residence will suffer this kind of griefing:
    Bad players use pistons outside a residence to push blocks(such as sand) into residence walls or pull the wall blocks out. So that they can bypass the protection of Residence and break into someone's house or just do that for destruction purpose.


    This plugin, as the name says, is made for fixing this simply:
    • If a piston is in a non-residence area, plugin will cancel whatever it want to do with a residence;
    • If a piston is in a residence, it will work as normal only if the residence owner is the same one of the target residence.
    • [1.1+]If player A has flag 'build' true in player B's residence, piston in A's residence can push/pull blocks in B's residence.

Recent Updates

  1. add flag 'build' check