ResPwn 1.4

A handful of fun and configurable player respawn options for your server!

  1. tremor
    When a player dies and respawns, set their heath & hunger levels, give them a set of armor and a weapon or tools, add a shield of invulnerability, prevent them from teleporting or using commands for a duration of time, apply potion effects and much more. Currently looking for more suggestions and ideas of things to do when players respawn!

    Perfect plugin for servers that feature random spawn points or spawn at home settings, also great for servers that don't spawn players into pvp safe zones, helps prevent spawn camping. Use health/hunger settings to inflict a death penalty for dying for those hardcore servers. Many great uses!

    === Current Features ===
    • Respawn shield: A timed shield granted to players after they respawn in which they are invulnerable to attack by mobs and other players.
    • Respawn tp shield: A timed shield that blocks players from teleporting after they respawn.
    • Respawn command shield: A timed shield the blocks players from using commands after they respawn.
    • Length of time configurable on shields.
    • Set whether to block player from being able to attack during shield, or remove shield if player attacks.
    • Set player health on respawn.
    • Set player hunger on respawn.
    • Give player armor and item in hand when they respawn.
    • Totally configurable for item type, enchants, lore and even dye color on leather armor. Item in hand can be any bukkit item.
    • Give player potion effects on respawn like invisibility and speed.
    === Expected Features ===
    • Respawn kits & inventory: Players get equipped with fresh goods when they respawn. (Armor and weapon added already added)
    • Respawn effects: Add cool respawn effects to players like lightning.
    === Installation ===
    1. Stop your server.
    2. Place the ResPwn.jar in your /plugins directory.
    3. Start your server, note that the /plugins/ResPwn/config.yml file has been created.
    4. Stop your server.
    5. Edit the /plugins/ResPwn/config.yml to your liking.
    6. Start your server.
    **Note: It is important to always test ANY plugin you install prior to deploying it for production, you as a server admin, should always consider this to be Rule #1 of running a server. **

    === Configuration ===
    • Edit the configuration file in /plugins/ResPwn/config.yml
    • Currently the config is fairly simple and should be self explanatory, read the comments in the file to learn more.
    === Commands ===
    • There are currently no commands available, but there will be in future versions.
    === Permissions ===
    • respwn.shield - Players with this permission node will get respawn shield if it is enabled.
    • respwn.tpshield - Players with this permission node will have teleport blocked after respawn.
    • respwn.cmdshield - Players with this permission node will have commands blocked after respawn.
    • respwn.hunger - Turns on the respawn hunger settings
    • - Turns on the respawn health settings
    • respwn.armor - Lets player spawn with configured equipped armor
    • respwn.wield - Lets player spawn with an item held in their hand
    • respwn.potions - Lets player spawn with configured potion effects
    • respwn.nodelay - Player will not have a delay between armor sets
    • respwn.offhand - Player will receive ResPwn item in off hand
    === Links & Info ===
    • - Visit the Pwn9 Gaming Community, the place we call home. Check out our Minecraft servers, other game servers and fun gaming community.
    • IRC Channel: Join #pwn9 on - feel free to ask plugins questions on the channel or just come hang out with us.
    === Plugin Metrics ===

    This plugin utilizes bStats plugin metrics system, which means that some information is collected and sent to

    If you don't want that your server sends data to bStats you can disable it by setting enabled to false in the bStats config file. The config can be found in the /plugins/bStats/config.yml file. bStats has nearly no effect on your server's performance and the sent data is completely anonymous so please consider twice if you really want to disable it.

Recent Reviews

  1. z__
    Version: 1.4
    How is this not reviewed yet? I've used it for years with your other plugin PwnPvPBalance on a 1.12 server and now updating to 1.13. Its great!