ResPwn 1.4

A handful of fun and configurable player respawn options for your server!

  1. Update compatible for 1.13 servers

    The latest update of ResPwn should work on 1.12 and 1.13 servers.
    • Switched deprecated MCStats for bStats.
  2. Updating for Minecraft 1.12.2

    ResPwn v1.3

    • Updated for Minecraft 1.9+ with dual wield changes, not backward compatible to 1.8 or lower
    • Added new permissions:
      • respwn.nodelay - Player will not have a delay between armor sets
      • respwn.offhand - Player will receive ResPwn item in off hand
    • Added new config entries including:
      • respawn_offhand - set an item for a player to respawn with in their offhand (like a shield)
      • enchants: use: set true or false whether or not to apply...
  3. Code improvements

    • Cleaned up some code based on suggestions for improvements
      • No functionality changes, just under the hood stuffs
    • Replaced deprecated BukkitRunnable