Restart/stop command prevent (with toggle on or off) 1.0

Preventing accidentally use of /stop or /restart, can also be toggled

  1. robertforyou
    This plugin add a protection on the commands /stop and /restart. They are blocked even if you are OP/Owner, so you can't turn off the server accidentally. If you want to turn off the protection, just follow the commands.

    /rprevent on - Turns on the protection(prevention) of the commands /stop and /restart.
    /rprevent off - Turns off the protection(prevention) of the commands /stop and /restart

    rprevent.change - Get acces to the commands /rprevent on and /rprevent off

    • Drop RestartPrevent.jar to your plugins folder
    • You are done!

    Donate if you want to motivate me to make other skripts. Also i'm planning to launch a report system with accept, close the report and more. The skript is already done, it's need just some modifications, in some hours or tomorrow it will be done!

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