RestartServer | SSH System 1.0

This plugin can reboot your server with a /stop (with no going to console)

  1. x9nico
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    RestartServer is a plugin like a VPS's plugin with spigot for reload your server with a /stop and Hop ! Your server is started !

    Commands : No

    Permissions : No

    WARNING ! DON'T EXECUTE /stop ON CONSOLE (It's not working) You must be has a player for it's works.

    Requirements :
    Spigot 1.8 (Minimum)

Recent Reviews

  1. linuxy
    Version: 1.0
    Just saying it soo much easier if i configure spigot.yml and use the /restart command. this is the way that md_5 made spigot
  2. Asynchronous
    Version: 1.0
    This plugin just dispatch "restart" command when you stop it :(
    It doesn't give any restart script or other... So a default spigot server can't restart itself automatically.

    I am disappointed...
    1. x9nico
      Author's Response
      Hello, I find the problem : you must remove this file : on your FTP's server.