Restore++ // Save XP and Items V1.07

This resource is used for survival servers that want to keep items on death!

  1. Archie

    Customize what you lose when you die with this new powerful tool!

    Code (Text):
    Command: /rr
    Description: View plugin version / info

    Command: /rr reload
    Description: Reload Restore++ configuration
    Permission: restore.reload

    Command: /rr broadcast (true/false)
    Description: Toggle if death messages are enabled!
    Permission: restore.broadcast

    Command: /rr xp (true/false)
    Description: Toggle if keep xp is enabled!
    Permission: restore.xp
    Custom Configuration which includes keeping XP!
    Code (Text):

      Broadcast: false
      KeepXP: true

    #Very simple config

    You will not attempt to modify the Restore++ plugin source code without direct permission from me.

    Got an idea?

    This plugin has alot of potential and any ideas to help improve it are welcome!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Superhize
    Version: V1.07
    Another idea, add an 'Death Token':

    If player has the 'Death token' in their inventories when he dies, he keeps all his inventories/armor.

    The token can only be used once. When you die with, you keep your inventories / armor, and the token disappears.
  2. IAmNotPopular
    Version: V1.06
    I have an idea for this plugin, This plugin should have added permissons. So you can choose if donator get to keep EXP or ITEM so On a donator rank you can add to your permissons "permisson.example.item.keep.death" And if they have the permisson listed it will let them keep there items upon death. And There should be on the config, "KeepItems" True/False "KeepEXP" True/False "KeepArmor" True/False "Keep(CustomItem)" True/False
    1. Archie
      Author's Response
      Awesome ideas! Ill be updating the plugin as soon as possible!