Restricted Creative 1.4

Gamemode Management

  1. Blocked right clicking on entities

    Blocked clicking on entities to stop item frames and armor stands being used to create "fake" items
  2. Placeable Items / Entitys not being cancelled

    Fixed a problem with item frames/spawn eggs/armor stands (possibly others) placing/using due to on place not being called for them and no cancel for them in the on click event
  3. Looks like I missed something!

    Added support for shooting which supports XP Bottles (They were not being blocked when thrown in creative in older versions even when inside the banned item list)
  4. Just a couple of safety features...

    -I added a couple of features to allow for support of plugins that change your game mode for you when you enter a region. This will stop players from opening an inventory (not their own) when they are outside of the region / whatever feature changes game mode, and checks when their game mode changes that their top inventory is their own inventory, not anything else.

    -Also added a backup safety feature for the inventory click event which also checks for the player's top inventory > cancels >...