Restrictions 2.0

Restrict block place, break, and use; commands; and inventory use to certain y levels.

  1. 2N3RD4U

    Disclaimer. This project is no longer under development. Let me know if you want source. Thanks!

    ☆⚠☆ How It Works
    Restrictions is a very simple yet useful plugin for limiting what players may do to certain y levels. You can restrict where and what blocks players may place, break, and use; where and what commands they may run; and where and if they may edit their inventory.

    This can be very useful if you want to help prevent underground bases and skybases. Great for Factions, Survival, Towny, or any other type of server!

    ☆⚠☆ Features ☆⚠☆
    - Stop players from using chests and containers below or above a y level
    - Stop players from farming certain foods below or above a y level
    - Stop players from building on Nether roof
    - Stop players from using TNT below or above a certain y level
    - Stop certain commands below or above a certain y level
    - Stop players from editing inventories below or above a certain y level
    - Stop players from mining certain blocks
    - Easy to use config and permissions
    - Customizable messages for each restriction
    - Separate y levels for each type of restriction
    - Disable restrictions in certain worlds such as a mining world

    ☆⚠☆ Commands and Permissions ☆⚠☆
    - No Commands
    - All permissions listed in config.yml

    ☆⚠☆ Support ☆⚠☆
    - For general support post in plugin discussion
    - For personal support private message me here on Spigot
    - For fastest support chat with
    isaac.abrahamson on Skype

    ☆⚠☆ Installation ☆⚠☆
    1. Download from link above
    2. Place Restrictions.jar into /plugins directory on your server
    3. Restart or reload
    4. Setup config and permissions however you want them
    5. That's it! Enjoy!

    ☆⚠☆ Planned Upgrades ☆⚠☆
    Version 2.5 - Multiple and advanced configs.

    Version 3.0 - Many additional restrictions plus world guard region support.

    ☆⚠☆ Special Thanks ☆⚠☆
    - @Taetm for requesting this plugin, or else I would not be making it
    @Squad7 for suggestion of restricting above a y level not just below
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