Reverse Vampires 1.16

Become a reverse vampire that fears the dark and can't consume blood!

  1. NeverFlame42
    Native Minecraft Version:
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    • 1.16
    Special thanks to:
    Without you guys, this won't have been possible :)

    Have you ever wanted to become a reverse vampire that can't be in the darkness and gets sick from blood? Then you came to the right place!

    All you need to do is:

    1. Download Plugin
    2. Install into your Paper/Spigot Server
    3. When you want to enable it, use command /vampire
    4. When you want to disable it, use the same command(You'll be told if you are or aren't a reverse vampire in game)

    Hurts player for getting into a dark area.
    Hurts player for consuming blood.
    When active, if a player dies, they're given 32 torches in case it's nighttime.
    Informs all players when active, even those who join later.

    Remember, entering the command makes everyone on the server into a reverse vampire! This can cause some lag if there's too many people online at once.

    Have fun, stay in the light, and don't ever consume blood!!!