ReviewMe Reloaded 1.0

A simple solution to managing plot reviews.

  1. AndreiTheGiant
    Ravand, Aidancrane
    ReviewMe Reloaded
    ReviewMe Reloaded is a continuation of the original ReviewMe plugin. The plugin is now updated to 1.8. I have decided to re-compile the ReviewMe plugin to fix some errors and make some other features look good for my own server, but decided to give it out to the public. During the whole process of compiling the plugin, I had no intentions on stealing or claiming the plugin as my own. All credits go towards Ravand and Aidancrane.

    Original Post:

    Basic Plugin Overview
    ReviewMe Reloaded is a continuation of the original ReviewMe. The purpose of the plugin is to give the ability to manage plot reviews on creative servers. This plugin is highly recommended for competitive building servers such as the Vadact Creative server located in the Shotbow Network or the Ravand Creative Server.

    Plugin Commands & Permissions
    Below is a list of the plugin's commands and permissions. I have divided the commands into two to make looking for commands quicker and easier. The first segment is for players. The second is for admins.

    /review help - Display various useful commands
    /review submit - Submit your own plot for review
    /review cancel - Cancel your plot review
    /review support - Request administrative support

    Below are the administrative commands for the plugin.

    /review accept - Accept the current plot
    /review decline - Decline the current plot
    /review goto [name] - Teleport to a player

    Below are the plugin's permissions.

    Player Permissions:
    Administrative Permissions:

    Test The Plugin Out!
    If you would like to test the plugin out before installing it into your own server, then connect to the following server down below.

    The server is owned by Ravand. The server is a network which consists of many servers. To check out the plugin go to the Creative server.

    That is that. Special thanks to Ravand and Aidancrane for the original plugin. I do not own this plugin. I also do not create or earn any form of profits from this. If you would like to to donate. Please donate to Ravand's Network. Website: or visit

    If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments section of this post.


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