Latest Reviews

  1. NiekGameCraftYT
    Version: 2016-03-12
    Nice, alleeem wrm heet je plugin CityTopiaJoin?? en ps ik ben je 100ste download :D
  2. boraciner
    Version: 1.2.7
    It doesn't works! The server doesn't load the plugin! I installed Vault and WorldEdit and its not works! (Version 1.8)
  3. Almighty_Broku
    Version: v5.0.6
    I've been trying to find a ban GUI just like this for ages. Could you also make it so when someone does /ban or /tempban it opens the GUI?
    1. yPedx
      Author's Response
      :D That might disturb the way this works. If commands like ban and tempban opened the GUI, it wouldn't work if you set an item in the GUI to ban then.
  4. Chessnut
    Version: 5.0.3
    Brilliant plugin. Wish there was more possible achievements!
    Please make all commands non-default.
    Everyone has a permissions plugin these days and i only want players to be able to do /aa top not /aa list
  5. GetThePizzaHuman
    Version: v1.7.1.5
    This plugin is absolutely amazing. But I have one question/suggestion, Is there away so that you open a chest that brings up the virtual crate GUI and you can select the key you wish to open. Continue the awesome development!
  6. Swiftlicious
    Version: 0.0.1
    it seems like a good idea but I have of course suggestions for you :D (idc if it just came out :D):

    1. add particles on elytra flight
    2. add particles when flying (with /fly)
    3. add different section for particles? (body, head, feet?)
    4. add sounds :D
    1. WAS
      Author's Response
      Did you even test the plugin? It adds particles wherever you move. Flying or not. Gliding or not. I'll think on the others. There may be a premium version allowing creating of custom effect sets to add to different ranks.
  7. Swiftlicious
    Version: 0.0.3
    very useful :D I love all your plugins and this one is very fun to have to know how high you jumped and how far you have fallen xD
    1. WAS
      Author's Response
      Thank you! A few of my possible upcoming plugins utilize methods that need jump and fall detection, and what not, so I figured why not make an easy to use API I can re-use in a organized fashion, as I'm often doing other stuff in my move events (like Trail Effects)
  8. xxctoxx1
    Version: 2.4.4
    Please fix download.
    its a really good plugin
    best cosmetics one
  9. Mineoz
    Version: 1.4.0
    There are so many problems with this plugin. Can't create a title, CANT remove NPCs, they don't exist even if they are created. The text from the NPC remains because again you can't remove the NPC because it says it doesn't exist.

    When you try and remove an NPC you get an internal error. Now I have the hologram text I CANT REMOVE

    All up, a total waste of my time and effort, JUNK
  10. Coolkc456
    Version: 2.7
    Great concept and love the customization for it but there is one little issue, the scoreboard likes to disappear when teleporting to another world (e.g. Nether/The End). Not sure if the boss bar does this, too. I don't want to use the boss bar or action bar option because I use other plugins for those (InfernalMobs2 & ActionAnnouncer, respectively). If this gets fixed I'll happily upgrade my review to 5 stars! :)
    1. Hmmcrunchy
      Author's Response
      Hi there is this the byte scoreboard

      Do you have thirst enabled in those worlds?
  11. FahimPlayz
    Version: 1.0
    This is a really cool plugin and if someone dies then the player who kills the player with the xp gains it. So this plugin is fair and also if you die in your base you can easily get all your xp back.
  12. Mineoz
    Version: 1.8.5
    Can't add commands to teleport players to a different server - Not much chop of a plugin now, Would have been better leaving it the way it was, at least it worked then
  13. ButtNaked
    Version: v1.
    This plugin is widely used by almost every factions server out there, and the author is in no lack of updating on almost a weekly basis.
    I would highly reccomend supporting this author and his plugins by contributing to his patreon. He deserves so much more respect than he is given.
    1. Kicjow
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. <3
  14. tomas535423
    Version: 1.1
    Tiene variables ? por ejempo kills ,time ,etc???????????????????????????????????????????????????????
  15. Zhenk
    Version: 4.25
  16. royalq811
    Version: 1.8.5
    Please make it so we can make it don't send a message when redeemed... Each time I remove the message it just sends a blank message which is annoying....
  17. LeonKennedy
    Version: 0.5 Alpha
    me sale erro en algunas lineas en los skript porfavor dime que es lo que pasa sale error en la linea 368,372,106,335,364
  18. NormalPlayer
    Version: 2016-09-27
    Wauuu , enserio muy buen Skrip men :) sigue así , lo acabo de descargar , lo estare testeando un poco xq promete mucho :) espero futuras updates ;D
  19. LightningLPT
    Version: 2.8
    Its a very Cool Idea and Plugin. But i have an issue with the "german language" I´ve write the issue in the disscusion section.
  20. GhostRoot
    Version: 1.3.2 R3
    Oi. gostei muito do plugin muito incrível mesmo mas queria perguntar se você poderia adicionar comando pra excluir, a bigorna, pois ela quebra mais as partícula e o holograma fica isso e chato pois não tem como tirar Obrigado <3