Latest Reviews

  1. Arcrans
    It looks very good at the moment, I started to test a bit, I have not tried it yet with what I am really interested in doing but it looks very good that it works, thank you very much for this plugin!! :3
  2. Arcrans
    For Magic in Fun
    Version: 10.0.3
    The best magic plugin you can find, much better than any other premium plugin, highly recommended if you want to create an RPG mode or simply add some improvements to your survival, extremely recommended especially in survival OP
  3. MajorKush
    Version: 1.9.8
    So far, the best anti-cheat i have tryed. good work man, thanks for looking out. MVP
  4. trinhthanhtu
    Version: 1.0.1
    Wow, your plugin is very good! Pls add it to version 1.16.x
    This is the best plugin ever!
  5. kuubah
    Version: 2.0.6
    The developer is very active, fast responding and helpful. Responding at 3:35AM (CEST). Plugin is very simple, great and useful ;)
  6. FabianAdrian
    Version: 2.4.1
    Used it for a while now and overall the plugin is quite good. There are couple of things I'd like to see in the future though:

    - RGB color support. I couldn't figure out how to get them working. Json support usually means full support for chatcomponents which can be rgb (1.16+).

    - Ability to completely delete "permission" from the book config instead of having to leave it empty. For most books we don't want a permission.

    - Open source. This plugin is offered for free so I don't see why not.

    - Bunch of bugfixes. For now the plugin breaks quite easily if you do even slight misconfiguration.
  7. Jxyy
    Version: 5.6.1
    okay the plugin is fine except for a few bugs, this is third review lmao

    So the support is bad like the other people said, i went to the discord and told them spectator spawns count as player spawns and the person who replied denied that it was an issue and they said it works fine and said to stop wasting there time? what???? literally.

    Other than the support the plugin is fine.
  8. lokka30
    Version: 1.4.2
    A brilliant alternative to PlugMan of course. Great developer, great resource. 10/10 all day
  9. Fareed221
    Version: 1.0
    This simple blog has been incredibly helpful to me, thanks dude, keep it up <3
  10. Fareed221
    Version: 2021-09-18
    This simple plugin has been incredibly helpful to me, thanks dude, keep it up <3
  11. highball0216
    Version: 2d
    This Plugin is Very useful. but 1.17 was not enough worked. I need a Update... give me update please.
  12. KevinDM
    Version: 3.9.1
    Ajneb, colega, tengo una duda... Como hago para que por ejemplo... Cuando un usuario use /test (Comando de ejemplo creado con ConditionalEvents) este comando tenga su cooldown global y no un coldown por jugador... O sea... el comando /test cuando se use todos los jugadores deben esperar "X" tiempo antes de que se pueda usar de nuevo
    1. Ajneb97
      Author's Response
      Actualmente mi plugin no tiene una funcion de cooldown global, solo cooldown por jugador. Gracias por la review!
  13. Wirlie
    Version: 0.0.2 Alpha
    Nice plugin, it works perfect but I rate this update with 3 stars due to the requirement of Java 16.

    As good developer, you must modularize your plugin and separate the parts that requires MC 1.17, so only these parts must be compiled with Java 16 and loaded when required (if server runs 1.17), and the remain code must be compiled with Java 8 (for 1.8 support)... instead of compiling the whole plugin with Java 16 to save time...

    You should consider adapting your plugin, so everyone can use your plugin without the restriction of Java 16.
    This is my feedback about the latest update, I hope you can understand me <3

    I hope that next update does not have this restriction.
  14. theeditor13
    Version: 4.1.1
    Seems like an extremely cool and interesting plugin, however, I can't seem to get it to work. Nothing happens when a player is infected, and the remedies don't seem to work at all. I'm probably just too dumb to figure it out, but if anyone wants to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated. I am spigot 1.16.5 and running java 15.
  15. MaxiiLagger
    Version: 1.11.5
    Como puedo obtener la key para usar skinrender? No pude hacer funcionar los skin 3d

    How can I get the key to use skinrender? I couldn't get the 3d skins to work
  16. twigstick
    Version: 1.0.3
    Very useful plugin that works as advertised for 1.17.1 only minor annoyance is that amount of characters in display will slightly change the readout a bit. but barely noticeable and an almost identical format to the datapack version on vanillatweaks
  17. twigstick
    Version: 1.3
    Fuctions perfectly on 1.17.1. the ability to locate the hud to the top of screen is of particular use to leave actionbar available for other plugins. Highly recommend
  18. DefineOutside
    Version: last
    This anticheat is terrible, 10/10 for being garbage. Unsure if it needs more or less value patches.
  19. Cosmoo
    Version: 3.1.0
    Dev responded and helped fix a bug super quick. Recommend this plugin to all my server owner friends ^^ ♥
  20. pimpek002
    Version: 6.5.6
    Great plugin! But... Are there any plans to do so that every time you log
    into the server you won't have to go back to the confirmation page? I admit that it is a bit inconvernient, that every time the player logs on to the server, he must go to the confirmation page so that he can listen to music and players.