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  1. noobprolol
    Version: 1.10.5
    material: 388
    slot: 11
    display_name: '&3User Kits'
    - '&8&m----&3&m----&8&m----&3&m----&8&m----'
    - ''
    - '&7 Click to open User kits.'
    - ''
    - '&8&m----&3&m----&8&m----&3&m----&8&m----'
    - '[openguimenu] UserKits'
    - '[openguimenu] UserKits'

    on old version 1.9.2 if click item no flicter open direct (no close menu here i love it)

    on new version if click item close menu and open new please fix it bro
  2. KlenerTeufel96
    For MobArena in Fun
    Version: 0.101
    Nice plugin and good Developer! Really good and fast Support / response!
  3. APEXgroupMC
    Version: 2.9
    Easy to set up on my hosting plan. Some players did infom me that ad were not loading at times.
  4. Srivatz
    Version: 2018-06-22
    no bugs but u should add /lobby instead of server lobby I swear ur thing will blowup
    1. xF3lixx
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the idea i will try it tomorow
  5. dinoboss2001
    Version: 2.0.7
    hola me gusta tu plugin una duda a mi me sale esto y no se que le pasa me diria _? gracias me gusto el plugin respondeme ṕlox bro 22.06 17:05:45 [Server] WARN Exception in thread "Craft Scheduler Thread - 81"
    22.06 17:05:45 [Server] WARN org.apache.commons.lang.UnhandledException: Plugin MultiClan v2.0.7 generated an exception while executing task 426
    22.06 17:05:45 [Server] INFO at
    22.06 17:05:45 [Server] INFO at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker(
    22.06 17:05:45 [Server] INFO at java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$
    22.06 17:05:45 [Server] INFO at
    22.06 17:05:45 [Server] INFO Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException
    22.06 17:05:45 [Server] INFO at de.multi.multiclan.clan.stats.StatsManager$
    22.06 17:05:45 [Server] INFO at
    22.06 17:05:45 [Server] INFO at
    22.06 17:05:45 [Server] INFO ... 3 more
  6. Annie_Boo
    Version: 1.4.1
    can you please update to 1.12.2 please? D: The code is good and the permissions are simple.
  7. Srivatz
    Version: 0.0.0
    ok great plugin just add a feature so instead of typing /server lobby
    u can type /lobby
  8. SecTionGaming
    Version: 2.0.3
    Excelente pero prefiero que colocaran una manera de arreglar el bug de la shop hay un error que te deja tomar las cosas y pasarlas a tu inventario por favor arreglalo :D
  9. StinkenderFynn
    Version: 3.9.6
    Du bist echt der beste! Du bietest dieses Plugin einfach kostenlos an!
    Ich würde aber auch 20 Euro dafür bezahlen. Ich habe aber nur einen wunsch kannst du die Option machen, dass man ein start Guthaben an Money einstellen kann? Danke!
  10. malaeus
    Version: v4.2.3
    times of /ar check /ar times and /ar top show different time.
    example. if /ar check says i have 20 days, /ar top shows 19 days.
    then randomly the leaderboard updates. and shows that i have 20 days. so i run /ar check and it shows 19 days...
    the times are so messed up, when i updated to 4.2.3 it reset ALL of my players times without asking.

    had originally used Statz for tracking, but AR decided to unlink from it, even though it says its using it on server startup.

    now the Statz time is messed up as well (shows 10 days)

    most players say to just use 4.1 instead

    makes me miss OnTime
  11. NooP___PvP
    Version: 1.3
    keep going <3 my server ip :
    but my server not very ready
    nice job
    1. IslandPro_Ninja
      Author's Response
      when your server opens I will check it out to see :D also updated the recource again! and your welcome for the recource
  12. NooP___PvP
    Version: 1.1
    i use this plugin in my server ip:
    but my server now not ready :(
    1. EGLP
      Author's Response
      Thanks for your review <3
  13. TheGaming999
    Version: 0.3
    Nice Plugin exactly what i needed for my server and luckily there's pvp-levels + factions support the plugins that i use for the chat :D
    1. Itznewer
      Author's Response
      Thanks you so much!

      - iFedeFC
  14. giulio248
    Version: 3.2
    This configuration works perfectly, I've never found such a configuration, really speechless!!
    The autoban works perfectly and the cheats are blocked without flag spam, and it works against many cheats without giving lag.
    Keep it up that you're doing a good job.
    Sorry for my bad English, I'm from Italy.
    the version of Spigot I use: Spigot 1.12.2
  15. Anweisung
    Version: 2.1.5 Final
    CloudNet ist das beste CloudSystem allerzeiten! Kein anderes ist so individuell, hat eigene Ideen & ist zudem kostenlos und Open Source. So viele Server verwenden mittlerweile CloudNet, da es nicht nur ein Netzwerk managen kann, sondern auch das Bedienen von Servern deutlich vereinfacht. Vielen, vielen Dank!
  16. flynnbettens
    Version: 1.19.4
    het is een goeie plugin en waaromwerktsdbniet werkt ook goed alleen jammer dat de discord niet zoon goeie hulp bied
    1. MrWouter
      Author's Response
      Jammer dat je dit ervaart, je moet niet te hoge verwachtingen stellen natuurlijk. Kan je me even jouw discord naam in een pb sturen? Wie weet kunnen we dit dan oplossen
  17. Hikaro
    Version: 2.0
    Les changement au niveau de le 2.0 sont très bien ! je conseille a tout les serveurs de l'utiliser !
    1. Showdown_76
      Author's Response
      Merci pour ton retour ^^ !