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RewardChest 2015-07-03

Give your players a reward chest that is fully customizable with items in the config

  1. ravenoffire
    ---------------------- Reward Chest ----------------------


    • Unlimited items per chest;
    • Random item order and count per chest;
    • Configurable chest size;
    • Configurable chat messages and prefix;
    • Configurable minimal and maximal amount of items per chest;
    • Simple command to give a reward chest to any player on the server;
    • Fireworks & sound effects when receiving and opening the chest;

    /rewardchest {player}:
    gives a reward chest to the player.
    /rewardreload : reloads the config

    use.rewardchest - For the commands. No permission needed to open the chest

    Created by ravenoffire
    Youtube UltraRavenMC

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  1. Bolean
    Version: 2015-07-03
    Nice update more
  2. AstroRock
    Version: 2015-07-03
    Nice Plugin!
    1. ravenoffire