RewardPro Daily Reward + Rank Reward + Presentman 3.14

Reward your players, Delivery Man, Cooldown, 100% customizable, MySQL Support, multiple servers!

  1. SuperM
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12

    RewardPro is a plugin that rewards your players by running a command you defined.

    • Customizable messages
    • Customizable cooldown in hours
    • You can use color codes
    • Reward your players for playing every day on your server
    • Automatically rewards a player on join, after the cooldown is over
    • Customizable reward command (you can use any command from any plugin with is on your server!)
    • You can reward your players with money, items or what you want!
    • UUID support
    • NEW! Reward players which bring new players
    • NEW! Resets the claimed rewards for a specific player, directly ingame
    • NEW! Refer System, The more players bring a user to the server, the higher his reward
    • NEW! You can add up to 9 fully customizable refer options
    • NEW! You can add unicode like '♥' or 'ä', for a better translation in your own language
    • Get informations where the new player is coming from
    • Reward your ranked players
    • Spawn a Delivery Man (Presentman)
    • Collect the player votes and send rewards
    • MySQL support
    • SQLight support
    • You can use it around your Bungeecord Network (because of MySQL)
    • Shows all players that were online in the last 24 hours
    • Supports spigot and bukkit 1.8 - 1.12
    • Disable unused functions (Voting, FistJoin, PlayerHead, ...)
    • See where the players from your server comes from
    • Checks if updates are available
    • You can add multiple commands on one reward item
    • You can spawn and respawn Presentments directly ingame
    • You can spawn as many Presentmans as you like
    • You can set particle effects on the Presentman (Spigot Version 1.11 or above)
    • You can a different cooldown for every reward
    • You can define individual lore lines on each reward
    • You can define up to 18 reward for the delivery mans inventory
    • You can change the name, profession and the spawn option of the delivery man
    • Every command has his own permission
    • NEW! You get a documentation of the configuration files
    • NEW! You can change the plugin prefix
    • NEW! You can set the reward cooldown to 0, so players can only get the reward one time.
    • You can enable debug mode, for a better log output

    If you want to use SQLight:
    1. Download the Plugin​
    2. Drag the Plugin into your Plugin folder​
    3. Start your server​
    4. The Plugin works now!​
    If you want to use MySQL:
    1. Download the Plugin
    2. Drag the Plugin into your Plugin folder
    3. Start your server
    4. Edit the mysql.yml
    5. Restart your Server
    6. The Plugin works now with MySQL!

    You need the Plugin Votifier (for the Voting System):



    /reward help > Shows you all Commands of the Plugin
    /reward info > Shows Information about the Plugin
    /reward choice > See where the players come from UI
    /reward present > Opens the Presentman UI (Support for Citizens)
    /reward log > Changes the log level of the plugin
    /reward reset > Resets the data for a specific player (He can claim all rewards again)
    /onlineplayer > Informed you about the online players
    /friendrefer> Referred by a Friend, reward your friend.
    /presentman > Shows all commands for the presentman

    <> Informs the user, if there is a update available
    rewardpro.presentman <> /presentman
    rewardpro.friendrefer <> /friendrefer
    rewardpro.onlineplayer <> /onlineplayer
    rewardpro.firstjoin <> /rewardpro choice <> /rewardpro help <> /rewardpro info
    rewardpro.log <> /rewardpro log
    rewardpro.reset <> /rewardpro reset​



    Here you can see all configs with a description of every element. So you can easily configure the RewardPro Plugin.


    On pastebin, you can see always the latest configuration of the file.
    There is a commentatation on every different element of the configs.

    You are a YouTuber? You do MineCraft / Spigot tutorials?

    Than produce a tutorial in you native language and send me the link to your video. I will add you Video directly here in the plugin description.

    What's coming up next?​
    You have suggestions of improvement?
    Then send me your suggestions and I'm looking forward to add this function to this plugin.


    You get support in the Discussion, only in German and English!
    Did you find a bug?
    >>> Post it in the Discussion, so I can fix it with the next update!
    Termes of Use:
    • You are not allowed to distribute/sell this plugin.
    • You are not allowed to decompile this plugin.
    • You are not allowed to modify the plugin in any way.
    • You only get support on this forum.
    • If you download the Plugin, you agree the Terms of Use
    • We can change the terms at any time, without notifying you!

    If you like the resource and you want to support me,then use the PayPal email address below. Thank you very much!
    Give me a coffee.
    PayPal: [email protected]
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Recent Reviews

  1. Clusters_stars
    Version: 3.14
    .I want to share this plugin to MCBBS and I make them to download the plugin on spigotmc.Can you agree with me?
    1. SuperM
      Author's Response
      NO! This plugin is only available on spigotmc! Read the terms of use!
  2. W4RTR1X
    Version: 3.13

    This plugin is usefull but the Villager get bug sometimes and became a vanilla villager but when using Citizens to get command to citizen : /reward present this command not work good because people can take objects in the UI of /reward present ...
    I think this plugin will be very nice if /reward present work and villager dont became a villager vanilla sometimes
    1. SuperM
      Author's Response
      The command /reward present works fine. There isn't a bug.
      And how does the present become a vanilla villager?
      I think you have a misconfiguration.

      If you have a problem, please contact support first!
  3. TinTiger123
    Version: 3.13
    Great plugin really, love it to death. One problem I've personally run into is when editing rewards and reloading trying to test the rewards to see if they work or not is that I would have to wait a whole day if I wanted to test the reward! Is there any way around this like /reward reset (player)? so that we could test the rewards many times? Thank you.
    1. SuperM
      Author's Response
      Will be added next time, thank you!
      At the moment, you can delete the database entry.
  4. DemonMugen
    Version: 3.13
    Great reward plugin. But, please add command to delete Presentman or add YAML for Presentman. Thank's
    1. SuperM
      Author's Response
      You can delete the Presentman with the command /presentman remove
      The Presentman settings are saved in the database
  5. JeckTn-Gaming
    Version: 3.13
    Very good plugin, but how to open the menu ?? If there is no command, the author will be asked to open the reward menu.Tks
    1. SuperM
      Author's Response
      Which menu, this plugin provides many different menus?
      If you would like to open the present man UI, you can use this command: /reward present
  6. usaf_gamesoft
    Version: 3.13
    thanks for this amazing plugin please when i put eco give [Player] 1000;xp 100 [player] just give player money any solutions thank i will re rating & remove question

    thanks its wonderful & powerful
    1. SuperM
      Author's Response
      Hey, you find an example of the presents config here::
      If you still have a problem with the configuration, send me your full config + log! Than I can help you!
  7. Mr_Redstone_19
    Version: 3.13
    Oh Sorry :D Mit dem neuen Update funktioniert alles! 5 Sterne hast du dir verdient!!!!!
    1. SuperM
      Author's Response
      Thanks for rating.
  8. Fawked
    Version: 3.13
    Great plugin, with amazing customization!
    Just wondering, is there going to be in-game reload command, I find it personally quite frustrating sometimes having to restart the whole server in order to apply the changes.
    I might be doing something wrong though.
    Overall amazing plugin! Keep up the good work!
    Version: 3.13
    An sich ein wirklich gutes Plugin.. Aber:
    Es gibt einen bzw. mehrere Bugs:
    1. Man kann keinen Dorfbewohner mehr schlagen.
    2. Die Konsole wird mit Dingen von dem Plugin voll gespammt, wenn man mit einem Dorfbewohner interagiert. (Falls das kein Bug ist, bitte trotzdem ändern.)

    Außerdem würde ich mir wünschen, dass man eine bestimmte Belohnung auch nach einigen Stunden wieder einfordern kann.

    Wenn die Bugs gefixxt wurden, gibt es 5 Sterne! :)
    1. SuperM
      Author's Response
      Danke für die Bewertung, man kann keine anderen Dorfbewohner schlagen, das ist korrekt und wird auch gefixt. (Ist noch keinem Aufgefallen, da man das Plugin normalerweise ja in der Lobby verendet und dort sollte man auch keine NPCs schlagen können).

      Im Log werden nur ganz wenig Nachrichten ausgegeben. Ich vermute eher, das du diese Ausgabe selbst zu verantworten hast, wahrscheinlich hast du den Debug Mode aktiviert. Wenn dieser wieder deaktiviert wird, sollten viel weniger Plugin Nachrichten im Log erscheinen!
  10. KazMNF
    Version: 3.13
    #1 Reward plugin.
    All Bugs fixed
    I have a question. Date format: options how to change to hours ?
    1. SuperM
      Author's Response