RewardPro | Daily Rewards & Rank Reward & Delivery Man 4.4.4

Reward your players, cooldown rewards, MySQL & H2 support, multiple servers, many extensions

  1. SuperM
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16

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    • Daily Reward: The player different rewards on a daily join streak.
    • You can fully customize the Presentman reward menu.
    • Citizens support
    • Customizable messages
    • PlaceholderAPI support
    • Customize for every reward, the cooldown individually
    • You can use color codes
    • Reward your players for playing every day on your server
    • Customizable reward command
    • You can reward your players with money, items or whatever you want!
    • ReferSystem: The more users a player brings on the server, the higher his reward
    • Resets the claimed rewards for a specific player, directly ingame
    • You can add unicode like '♥' or 'ä', for a better translation in your own language
    • Get informations where the new player is coming from
    • Reward your ranked players
    • Spawn a Delivery Man (Presentman)
    • Collect the player votes and send rewards
    • MySQL & H2 Database support
    • Shows all players that were online in the last 24 hours
    • You can add multiple commands on one reward item
    • You can spawn and respawn Presentments directly ingame
    • You can spawn as many Presentmans as you like
    • You can set particle effects on the Presentman (Spigot Version 1.11 or above)
    • You set different cooldown on reward
    • You can define individual lore lines on each reward
    • You can change the name, profession and the spawn option of the delivery man
    • Every command has his own permission
    • You can change the plugin prefix
    • You can enable debug mode, for a better log output
    • RewardPro Bungee
      • Collect players online time on specific game servers
      • Reward your players after playing a specified time period
      • Define custom rewards for every game mode and server group
      • IP filter to daily rewards. With the filter we prevent reward boosting, with multiple accounts.
      • And much more!
    • Christmas Addon
      • Advent Calendar
    • Voting Addon
      • Reward players for voting on server pages
      • Give your players the opportunity to decide which voting reward is the best for them.
      • Motivates your players for voting for your server multiple times.
      • You are able to set permissions for rewards, so only VIP players get higher rewards. Motivates your active players to support the server (-:
      • And much more!

    You find a setup guide on your wiki page:



    /reward help > Shows you all commands of the plugin
    /rewards > Opens the present UI
    /reward info > Shows Information about the plugin
    /reward refer > See where the players come from UI
    /reward present > Opens the presentman UI (Support for Citizens)
    /reward log > Changes the log level of the plugin
    /reward reset > Resets the data for a specific player (He can claim all rewards again)
    /onlineplayer > Informed you about the online players
    /friendrefer> Referred by a friend, reward your friend.
    /presentman > Shows all commands for the presentman
    /reward dailyreward > Opens the DailyReward UI






    Here you can see all configs with a description of every element. So you can easily configure the RewardPro Plugin.
    On pastebin, you can see always the latest configuration of the file.
    There is a commentatation on every different element of the configs.

    You are a YouTuber? You do MineCraft / Spigot tutorials?

    Than produce a tutorial in you native language and send me the link to your video. I will add you Video directly here in the plugin description.

    You get support in the Discussion area and on our support discord.
    Our supporting team only gives support in english and german!

    Usage of the plugin
    The plugin collect anonymous data and send it to bStats. The following data displays the live usage of RewardPro.
    Please do not disable the stats collection. Thank you!

    Termes of Use:
    • You are not allowed to distribute/sell this plugin.
    • You are not allowed to decompile this plugin.
    • You are not allowed to modify the plugin in any way.
    • You only get support on this forum and on discord.
    • If you download the Plugin, you agree the Terms of Use
    • We can change the terms at any time, without notifying you!

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Recent Reviews

  1. RGamer_
    Version: 4.4.4
    Bloated, laggy, GUI flickers, and now it no longer even works. Dev does not respond, no support.
  2. Raveun
    Version: 4.4.4
    Just won't work, sad cause this could be a great plugin that a lot servers could use
  3. lweb20
    Version: 4.4.4
    Do not buy this plugin !!! I was never able to get it to work and the support never answers.
  4. LynxError
    Version: 4.4.4
    DO NOT BUY THIS PLUGIN!!!! dev will not respond to any support no longer work with paper 586 or higher. I guess i wasted money on this DONT do it and DONT BUY THIS PLUGIN!
  5. PaciorJr
    Version: 4.4.4
    When i remove present man, and the hologram has stayed and it won't disappear....
  6. fra130701
    Version: 4.4.4
    I used sometimes this plugin, it has some problems, trashcode and performance issues, no support, no updates, crashing server randomly, mysql problems, resetting rewards.. NO DOWNLOAD AND NO USE ON PRODUCTION SERVER
  7. PauwerfulMC
    Version: 4.4.4
    I updated the config and reloaded the plugin, but nothing changed... I tryed it more then 1 time... broken :/
  8. cookieXL
    Version: 4.4.4
    Plugin quality has deteriorated overtime, there's basically no support anymore either.
  9. Luigical
    Version: 4.4.4
    Horrible plugin, no support at all. Plugin broken on me after 1 day due to some database issue.
  10. indigolaser
    Version: 4.4.4
    How to use GUI
    ACTIVE_ITEM: basehead-f43gS ...

    I want to use a patterned head, not an item. How can I do it?