Rewards 1.1

Rewards plugin that includes keys, a unique animation and fully customizable prizes!

  1. Kunj
    Kunj's Rewards Plugin
    1.8 Compatible
    This plugin allows the server administrators to add fully customizable prizes in the plugin's config. These prizes are run through server console commands, so they are capable of running any commands from vanilla minecraft, to other plugins the server may be running. Players will be able to receive keys through commands ran by players with the correct permissions, once these keys are obtained, the user may right click the key, or type '/rewards'. This command will run through a rainbow animation, eventually giving a random prize from the list that is given in the config.
    Rewards Animation:

    • /rewards - Runs through the animation, eventually giving a reward. A rewards key is required to run this command.
    • /rewardskey - Allows a user to spawn in keys. Usage: 'rewardskey <#> <name>'
    • rewards.create - Gives the player permission to spawn in keys through /rewards <#> <name>
    • rewards.allow - Gives the player permission to use the rewards system, through /rewards or by right clicking a key.
    Configuration: (Example Format)
    Code (Text):
    # Enter desired commands under the rewards

    # Use %p in replacement of the player name

    # Note: Do not put slashes in

      - give %p minecraft:dirt 1
      - Enter Commands Here
      - Enter Commands Here
      - Enter Commands Here
    Hope everyone enjoys, please notify me if there are any bugs that need to be fixed, or if you would like any additional add-ons to the plugin!
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