RewardsPro, Updated version coming soon.. 2.1.1

Custom GUI, Voting System, Daily rewards, Times rewards, Events rewards.

  1. Sounds now plays only to the player who opens the reward.

    Sounds now plays only to the player who opens the reward.
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  2. Fixes offline mode bug.

    [ ! ] Fixes the offline mode bug where it would throw an error.
  3. Bug fix.

    [ ! ] Fixed the gui click bug, where clicking on the player inventory would execute a reward.
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  4. Fixes.

    Bug free plugin and optimized version of the plugin with lots and lots of more features can be bought as low as $4.99 not for long i will raise the price soon so hurry and buy the premium version i changed the name to RewardsPro you guys should find it on my resources or click here!

    Bug fixes:
    [ ! ] Where the auto-gui-size and...
  5. Fixed permission item display.

    Fixed where if you enable permission for a reward and the user had permission for it it will display a error item or nothing at all. Thanks for the report @Elijah
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  6. Performance fix. Waiting for premium approval.

    Note: I have released a premium version of the plugin which brings much more features such as a better rewards system, optimized cooldowns, MySQL support and many more things read more here!

    This updated fixes and optimizes the following:
    • The way rewards are handled. (As you can see the resource went...
  7. Fix all current bugs hopefully.

    What the title says.
  8. Bug fixes

    Fixed the bug where it would spam console with nullPointerException when player hit another player or simple interact with anything that wasn't a block.

    Fixed a little bug i found my self when switching worlds hologram would disapear, example would be if you have a faction server then have a spawn in a different world people would go to the factions world then come back to spawn to check the rewards to find the hologram is not there anymore.

    Thanks, its all fixed!
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  9. Added some things

    NOTICE: In the development of this feature i crashed my server like 20 times because holograms wont stop spawning and they stacked until they crash the server world... take that as an excuse to donate i finally fixed my paypal its [email protected] :D
    Added full support for Holograms no need an API,
    Fixed the permissions nodes, some of them changed please check the
    permissions section again.
    Holograms works like hell :D
    Thanks for using RewardsPlusPlus :D
  10. Forgot to add permission to rewards

    new permission node is "rewards.rewards" is needed to execute the command /rewards.
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