RGBColors 1.1

Allows full RGB colors in chat (Thanks to 1.16 update)

  1. Vinpin21
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16

    This plugin allows full use of RGB color use in Minecrafts chat thanks to the 1.16 update by the spigot developers.

    This plugin simply allows any message with a 6 digit hex color code to be converted into the appropriate color in the chat.

    /rgb is the only command which gives basic information how to use the plugin.

    The only permission is
    rgb.user which gives access to using Hex color codes in the chat.

    How to use:
    Simply type a '#' symbol followed by 6 hex digits (Example: #abcdef) then your message and it will be colored.

    *There is no limit to the amount of hex codes you can use in a single message as long as it fits in the minecraft message limit

Recent Updates

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