RideablePlayers 1.2

Ride players with a right click

  1. relampagorojo93
    What's RideablePlayers?
    RideablePlayers is a customisable plugin that give you the access to ride players.

    - Commands to disable and enable riding
    - Config to disable per world and globally
    - Command to reload config
    - Command to remove your rider
    - Commands can be used in console
    - Players are added in the config if they aren't in the config

    - Custom messages and prefix of the plugin
    - File that contains the riding mode

    - More customizations
    - More ideas from my friends and the users of spigot (If they want more things)

    /rideableplayersenable or /rpenable <player> *Enable riding
    /rideableplayersdisable or /rpdisable <player> *Disable riding
    /rideableplayersreload or /rpreload *Reload the config
    /rideableplayersremove or /rpremove *Remove your rider
    /rideableplayers or /rp *Get RideablePlayers commands

    Prefix: RideablePlayers
    - ExampleWorld
    - AnotherExampleWorld
    Enable: true *Enable or disable plugin
    Enabled: Now you can ride
    Other-enabled: can ride now
    Enabled-by-other: You just turn enabled riding by another player
    Already-enabled: You already have it enabled
    Other-already-enabled: already have it enabled
    Disabled: Now you cant ride
    Other-disabled: cant ride now
    Disabled-by-other: You just turn disabled riding by another player
    Already-disabled: You already have it disabled
    Other-already-disabled: already have it disabled
    Riding-disabled: You have riding disabled. Use /Rpenable to enable riding
    Other-riding-disabled: have riding disabled.
    Ocuppied: Sorry but this player is ocuppied by other rider
    Rider-removed: You removed your rider
    No-rider: You dont have a rider now
    Console-denied: You cant use it in console
    Too-many-arguments: You put too many arguments
    Player-no-specified: You need to specify a player
    Player-isnt-online: This player isnt online
    Reload: The plugin was reloaded
    No-permission: Sorry but you dont have permissions to do this
    Other-no-permission: Sorry but you dont have permissions to change riding to others
    World-denied: Sorry but you cant do this in this world
    Player-isnt-registered: This player isnt registered
    Player-dont-exists: This player dont exists
    Recommended: On every update, remove the config, but save it to replace the options in the config to be equals as your config

    In Players.yml, if you enable or disable someone, creates a new user called 'False', I need to saw it, but it doesn't do anything for the moment.
    - rideableplayers.ride *Access to ride players
    - rideableplayers.mode *Access to enable or disable riding
    - rideableplayers.mode.others *Access to enable or disable riding on other players
    - rideableplayers.help *Access to get all commands
    - rideableplayers.remove *Access to remove your rider
    - rideableplayers.worldbypass *Access to use riding on disabled worlds
    - rideableplayers.reload *Access to reload the config

    2015-06-21_00.24.47.png 2015-06-21_00.25.06.png

    If you want more things in this plugin, you can do suggestions and include that. Thank you for testing the plugin :)

    * HatGUI
    * LobbyBoosts
    * ReferenceKeys
    * FunnyWarps
    * ReportZ
    * ??? (Learning and working)
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  1. Vaan
    Version: 1.2
    Don't work in spigot 1.7/1.8 :/
    1. relampagorojo93
      Author's Response
      It's created with the lastest version of spigot. If you want in spigot 1.7/1.8, I will need the jar file.