1. connection_lost
    It is just a simple plugin that enables you to ride or force other player/mob to ride on top of you. Someone ask me to give this out so here it is :/

    Supported Versions:
    Should support any version, tested with 1.5-1.8

    /ride: after executing this command, right click someone or somemob to ride him/it.
    /rideme: after executing this command, right click someone or somemob to let him ride you.

    rideme.ride: allows a player to ride someone
    rideme.rideme: allows a player to force others to ride him.

    You may punch player/mob off your head while you are ridden.
    Note that it is possible to allow player to move mobs around with /rideme, it is not recommended to give any player this permission.

    In Minecraft 1.7 and below, there is a visual glitch that make players see other player on top of them higher than it is supposed to be. In Minecraft 1.8 or above the position was fixed but difficult for player to see their way while something is on their head.

Recent Reviews

  1. Esmorall
    Version: 1.0
    Good plugin!!
    can you add an option to ask the player when you use /rideme on a player, and them he need to do a command to accept?
  2. Mayomi9
    Version: 1.0
    this a 留言!
  3. Nugget24
    Version: 1.0
    Excelent plugin!!! Thank you, but can you make something, that the person under the person, can see right? Because can't see for the ass of the other person :/